11 Facts About Online Gambling That’ll Surprise You

Do you want to get into online gambling?

The pandemic forced casinos and other venues for gambling to close in fear of spreading the virus. Because of this, enthusiasts resorted to gambling online. This favored gambling sites, which caused the online gambling industry to grow exponentially.

If you’re interested in gambling online, then get to know the industry a little better. Read the gambling facts below and you’ll find yourself surprised at what you’ll learn.

1. Where You Live Can Make It Illegal

Different states have certain regulations in place for online gambling. Some allow users to place bets straight from their bank accounts. Others only allow users to place bets if they’ve converted their money into the site’s custom currency.

A handful of states don’t allow gambling altogether. Attempting to log into a gambling site in one of these states will cause a firewall to block you from accessing the site any further. Look up whether you’re in one of these states to avoid getting in trouble.

2. Fully Digital Casinos Exist

Most online casinos use gambling software to automate the process for their players. This means everything on the site, from the distribution of cards to the generation of roulette results, gets computed via RNG before they reach the player.

Some websites employ real people to tend to the online players, though. This provides a more authentic experience to their players. It’s also to help with transparency, as some people don’t trust machine-generated results.

3. Traditional Strategies Don’t Work Online

People often go to blackjack tables than any other game in a casino. Gamblers have a lot of strategies to increase their chances of winning in the game. Counting cards stand as the most popular, and it increases their winnings by the end of the day.

In an online setting, though, it’s near impossible to pull this off. The gambling software that online casinos use randomizes the cards dealt for players. This puts all players on an even playing field, which is a blessing for those who want to learn blackjack.

4. Slots Win Big

Because most card games no longer give the player an edge, most people end up playing the slots. They’re easy to understand, and a player can end up playing a hundred rounds in a matter of minutes.

What makes it better is that they promise a big payout to whoever hits the mega jackpot. Microgaming, the company that designed the most popular online slot to date, pays tens of thousands to whoever wins the pot. 

5. The House Always Wins

Despite how much a casino pays out to whoever wins the jackpot in the slots, they’ll always win in the end. How much a player wins is far less than how much the casino takes from other players.

People keep playing due to the possibility of winning big. This works in favor of the casino, as it means they’ll spend more. While some may win back what they spent and more, the casino keeps a lot more from what the others can’t win back.

Casinos will also give bonuses to players to keep them from quitting. Special bonuses from spending certain amounts of time or money are enough to keep players hooked.

6. Freebies Are Common and Help Users Win

To incentivize people to play, most websites give their users freebies every day. These give the players a chance to place one bet for free in their game of choice. The only game that casinos exclude from these freebies is the slots because of the jackpot prize.

Most look at this as a way to get people to pay more to keep playing. Smart players see this as a way to win, spending nothing. 

7. Online Loyalty Clubs Are a Thing

While staying patient and playing only the freebies of the day is an excellent strategy, you stand to gain more benefits by playing all the time. Like in the gambling industry, online casinos established their own loyalty clubs.

Most establishments determine the rewards the player gets based on their activity. If they spend a lot of time and money playing their games, they give a discount based on their average expenses. Some even compensate players who are down on their luck.

8. Online Reviews Aren’t Reliable

Looking for a reliable website to gamble in can be hard in the beginning. You’ll end up looking at reviews for different sites. Doing this will help you decide where you’ll invest your time and money.

The only problem with doing this is it’s not always reliable. Many sites hire writers to publish positive reviews for them. Often, these writers only spend a few minutes on the site to see how it works.

Their reviews only scratch the surface and only tell what the casino wants to say. Learn how to spot fake reviews if you want to find the best site for you to gamble on. 

9. Safer Than You Think

Many think that online casinos rig the games in favor of the house. Thanks to random number generation, though, it’s hard to give the edge to the house even if they wanted to. This means you’ll have the same chance of winning a game as the house would.

Online security in these sites is also top-notch. They have encryption systems to make sure your information stays safe. This article also covers the method they use to prevent underage people from gambling.

10. Diverse Payment Options

Casinos are modernizing their approach with different payment options. Cryptocurrency is now an option for those who prefer to pay without divulging their bank information. It’s useful for those who want to keep their identities anonymous as they play.

11. Most Users Consider Tipping Mandatory

When you win a game, the casino presents you with an option to tip the dealer. While it may seem odd at first, most now consider tipping to be a part of table etiquette.

Don’t worry about tipping the dealer if you lose. The winner also only needs to tip if they win considerably more than what they spent in total. 

Learn a Lot About Online Gambling

The gambling industry is expanding its presence online, and it’s easier than ever to get the chance to win big. These interesting facts will help you know what’s going on and what you should be on the lookout for. Make an account and get started with online gambling today!

There’s a lot more to learn about the gambling industry. Check out the guides and posts we have if you’re interested in knowing more right now!


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