20 Most Popular Boy Names of the Past Few Years

Choosing a trendy name for your baby can be daunting. Should you opt for Hudson, Jayden, or Ron? Countless options are there to choose your baby boy’s name. Subtle trends of baby names may come and go, but the most popular baby boy names suggest that nothing could beat a classic one! 

If you expect a baby boy this year, the given list of top 20 popular names of boys hits the internet. Moreover, the list will benefit you to find the top-notch moniker for your little munchkin. 

20 Most Popular Boy Names

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Top 10 Famous Wizard and Unique Names for Boys

Besides that, your top 20 options are:

  1. Aidan

The name ‘Aidan’ has recently had a resurgence in the past decade that attracts many parents as its analogy to ‘Caden,’ ‘Jayden,’ and ‘Braden.’ It is an Irish name, which means ‘fiery.’ Such a potential name derives from the Celtic god of fire and sun, named ‘Aodh.’

  1. Anthony

You must have given birth to a priceless baby boy! You might name his ‘Anthony,’ as it means priceless. Such an alluring Latin name got much appreciation being the most popular baby boy names. As per Nameberry, ‘Anthony’ was the name of a poor saint of Italy.

  1. Christopher

‘Christopher’ is a leading Biblical name, originated from primeval Greek, which means ‘the bearer of Christ.’ If you are rummaging around the most popular baby boy name that sounds attractive yet lesser-known variations, ‘Christopher’ will be a perfect choice!

  1. Daniel

The top-notch Biblical name ‘Daniel’ means ‘God is my magistrate.’ It is Hebrew origin name and conventionally a famous boy name amid Irish families. The name is quite alluring while summoning your baby boy!

  1. Dylan

‘Dylan’ is mainly a unisex name that has achieved the summit of success in recent decades. Such a trendy Welsh name means ‘son of the ocean.’ Don’t you think this is the most popular baby boy name?

  1. David

‘David’ will be a captivating name choice for those parents who are from a Hebrew background as the name itself means ‘beloved.’ With subtle religious and artistic criteria amassed with its traditional appeal, David becomes an incredible choice among parents.

  1. Ethan

Being a parent, you must want your little one to be patient and enduring. Therefore, you may consider naming him ‘Ethan,’ which emerged from ancient Hebrew, means ‘enduring.’

  1. Gabriel

If you add a pinch of ‘gabor’ and a dash of ‘el,’ ‘Gabriel’ emerges, which means ‘God is my potential.’ If your baby boy’s birthday is in January, naming him ‘Gabriel’ would be a leading choice!

  1. Henry

If you belong to Germany, the name ‘Henry’ will be the most popular baby boy name! It was derived from ‘heim,’ which means ‘abode,’ and ‘rich,’ which means ‘govern.’ That is how Henry originated, whose real meaning is ‘leader of the home.’

  1. Jacob

Such a fascinating name, ‘Jacob,’ also emerges from its Hebrew roots, means ‘supplanter.’ According to a recent survey, ‘Jacob’ has been the most popular baby boy name in America from 1999-2020. 

  1. Jayden

Such a dulcet name ‘Jayden’ is the leading Americanized version of the Hebrew name ‘Jadon,’ which means ‘grateful.’ It has massive popularity in western countries, and parents love naming their baby boy with ‘Jayden.’

  1. John

‘John’ was derived from the English version of a top-notch Latin name, Iohannes, which means ‘God is compassionate.’ It has never gone out-of-the-style, and parents have a subtle inclination towards this name. Moreover, the most popular baby boy name ‘John’ is an embodiment of timeless, durable, and classic characteristics.

  1. Joseph

Such a pretty name ‘Joseph’ means ‘may God grow,’ which is the Latin version of the primeval Hebrew name ‘Yosef.’ It has massive significance because it was the name of the Virgin Mary’s husband. 

  1. Lucas

Your newborn must be full of lusters; that is why you must consider naming him ‘Lucas’ that means ‘light’ or ‘from Lucania.’ 

  1. Mason

Such a trendy yet classic name! ‘Mason,’ derived from an antique English word ‘macian,’ which means ‘to make.’ However, its current English meaning is ‘stone worker.’

  1. Matthew

Being a Hebrew name, ‘Matthew’ means ‘gift of God.’ Like the top-notch names mentioned above, it is also a delicate-yet-powerful Biblical boy’s name. 

  1. Noah

Being a parent, you must want your baby boy to follow the path of ‘peace.’ Hence, you must be naming him ‘Noah,’ as it means ‘serenity.’ It is the most popular baby boy name of the previous two decades and now is in the 2nd position.

  1. Oliver

Oliver has a simple meaning, ‘Olive tree,’ which was derived from a Latin name. Moreover, it is a vintage symbol of serenity and friendship. The name has recently made a massive comeback in the last decade. 

  1. Samuel

‘Samuel’ means heard of god, which is an important name of Hebrew origin. It would be a superior name for your must-wished little one! Samuel may have an outdated appeal, while its trendiest short name will be Sam, which has a more unisex approach. 

  1. William

‘William’ is an influential English name, which means ‘determined savior.’ As per Nameberry, it is the most popular baby boy name of the last 4 decades. 

Concluding words

These aforementioned lists are for the most popular baby boy names that reflect the recent events. Many parents want to gift a fighting name to their baby boys in these derogatory yet challenging times. 

On the other hand, different parents love to preserve their memories by opting for nostalgic names for their newborns. 

These prolonged lists of top 20 baby boy names are the famous ones. Visit CocoFinder today if you want to get top-notch baby naming ideas, which will help you name your cute one accordingly!


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