3 Practical Cable Management Ideas for a Clean Workspace

Whether you’re new to working from home or were doing so long before COVID-19, you probably already know that it can carry plenty of distractions.

From pets to the temptation of your TV, there’s always something vying for your attention. And if you have a messy workspace, that’ll become one more item to add to that list.

Keeping your desk organized can boost productivity and ensure that everything you need is within reach. One big item that you should organize is your cords and cables. Doing so will not only make your space cleaner but will also make it easier to get to the cables you need when you need them.

If you’re ready to start organizing all your cords, keep reading for a few cable management ideas you need to try.

1. Cord Baskets

When you’re trying to run cables behind a desk or TV entertainment center, dealing with the leftover cable that hangs or piles up on the floor can be tricky. You need to not only keep those cables organized and prevent them from tangling or being tripped over. But you also want the solution to look good, and hide those ugly black and white cords from view.

That’s why cord baskets are one of the best cable management ideas for desks.

With a hole on either end and a removable lid, these baskets are designed to collect the extra cable that isn’t needed. You’ll run the cable in one end and out the other. Then, tuck the box under your desk or entertainment center.

Some cable baskets are even designed to hold multiple different cords. These feature different holes and slots so that you can keep your cables organized rather than becoming tangled inside.

2. Cable Station

If you need access to multiple cables and cords from your desk, nightstand, or other space, you can use a cable station to keep them within reach.

Cable stations are designed to hold the tops of your plugs and cables. Attached to your desk or another surface, they keep cables close by for when you need them. And when you don’t need them, they’ll stay right there, rather than disappearing behind your desk or other furniture.

3. Cable Trunking

When you’re dealing with a few computer cables and charging cords in your home office, cable ties and baskets might be enough to contain the mess. But if you’re looking for computer cable management ideas for an office, you’ll likely need a bigger solution.

Cable trunking is a system of plastic or metal tubes and brackets designed to protect and organize your cables and cords. Because they are complicated to work with, cable trunking often requires a professional installation.

But if you opt to invest in it, this system not only keeps your cables organized but can also protect your cords from impacts, moisture, and more.

Other professional cable containment options include mini trunking and flexible conduits.

Putting the Best Cable Management Ideas to Work

From cable baskets to trunking, these cable management ideas are a great way to finally get your cords in order!

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