4 Back to School Career Paths to Try This Fall

Even as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact society due to the surging Delta variant, many schools are determined to continue with in-person education for students. It’s time to go back to school during a global pandemic: mask up! 

As someone who stayed home with your kids for the past year and a half, where does that leave you? Are you seeking a new job or career switch? What do you want your fall employment to look like? 

Not to worry: there are plenty of career paths you can look into that have a good career-life balance for a working mom or dad. Keep reading to learn about four of them. 

1. Bus Driver

If you have kids in school, this is an easy job to adjust to their schedule, especially when commuting to school.

Bus drivers can earn quite a decent amount of money per year. You can anticipate earning around $35,000 per year as a bus driver, though that depends on where you live. 

As a bus driver, you drive kids to and from school in the mornings and afternoons or even during field trips. 

You will use communication skills, as well as keeping the bus in a positive, clean environment. During the COVID-19 pandemic, schools need more responsible bus drivers. 

2. Teacher’s Aide

Do you like being around kids? You can try working as a teacher’s aide!

A teacher aide doesn’t have as much responsibility as a teacher does, but rather supports the teacher in their classroom activities and management. For bigger classroom sizes, teacher aides are essential. 

Being a teacher’s aide won’t pay that much, but it will put you on a similar schedule to your kids. 

3. Open an At-Home Daycare

You can look into opening an at-home daycare if you want a job that will keep you on your toes and if you like working with kids. 

You can get help here with how to open your at-home daycare. Make sure you follow all legal steps before officially opening. 

4. Do a Job Not with Children

Working with children is rewarding, but there are plenty of other career paths you can try on for size. Here is a small list of other career paths to consider: 

  • physicians assistant
  • human resources
  • web developer
  • freelance writer
  • insurance agent
  • financial advisor

There are a million different ways to make a career switch. Start your new job once your kids go back to school. 

Try One of These Career Paths Today

With any of these career paths, you are on your way to a new job. A career switch is never easy, but now is the time. The world is still up in the air as to how to navigate an ongoing pandemic, but that doesn’t mean your career has to be up in the air. 

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