4 easy steps to planning a successful corporate party

No matter the type or size of your business, it is vital you allocate time for socializing outside of working hours. Planning a corporate party or event takes time and money, but it is also highly rewarding, as this is a chance for your company’s employees to foster meaningful work relationships. Team building experiences or parties are imperative for strengthening the company’s partnerships, whether it is between the employees or your collaborators.

So, go beyond a typical event experience and utilize a customizable mobile event app to help you successfully manage and plan your party. Also, consider aspects like choosing the location, decoration, food and beverages, and music. Depending on the size of your company, sticking to a budget is also essential to avoid spending too much. 

The following corporate party planning guide might help you with much-needed ideas, tips, and tricks.

Find the location and set the date

First things first. Before you make decisions on any other aspect, it is highly essential you choose the appropriate location that suits the type and size of the party. Besides, booking a place in advance is necessary, as many spaces for large events are usually reserved a long time before the date of the event. So, if you leave this detail last minute, you might end up getting stressed looking for a suitable location.

Not to mention, if the company has many employees and you need a spacious place to hold the party, you definitely want to make sure you have the location reserved and ready to go. Even if you have a relatively small party to organize, it is still recommended you look for the perfect location and book it as soon as you find it. This is an important aspect also because, in order to plan the other elements of the party properly, you need to take into consideration the space allocated. So, things like seating arrangements, if that’s the case, decorating the place, placing the bar and buffet can only be decided once you have the location ready.

In addition, when you start planning the party and are looking for a suitable location, it is essential you discuss with your employees or business partners to check when everyone will be available. A helpful and quick way of doing this is by creating a poll with possible dates where everyone can take a vote. This way, you make sure that if not everyone, at least most of the people, will be able to come so no one misses out on the opportunity to spend time outside work.

The guest list and invitations

Knowing for whom you are planning the party is an important aspect. Depending on who will attend the event, you can plan the rest of the details accordingly. So, taking into consideration if the party is only for your employees, or if it is focused on your business partners, important clients, and other executives, or a combination of all, you will know what type of concept you will want to approach. The target audience sets the theme of the party and how much you will invest in it.

What’s more, knowing who your guests are will help you better tailor the party to meet their needs and interests. So, if, for instance, you are planning a corporate event, you might want to arrange proper seating and serve the food at the table. In contrast, if you are planning a party where the focus is on your employees, you might want to create a more casual atmosphere where your guests can order drinks at the bar. No matter for whom you are planning this event, it is vital you acknowledge your guests’ interests. This way, it is guaranteed everyone will have a great time.

Regardless of who is your target audience, after the location is booked and ready, you can send out invitations or save-the-date cards so that everyone makes a note of when the party is happening.

Decorations and theme

The truth is, you cannot have a great party without decorations. Only this way can you truly create the wanted universe, as with decorations, you can quickly build the desired atmosphere. Even more so if you choose to plan a themed party. There is no better way to give life to a themed party than with the proper decorations.

When you plan a Christmas holiday party, it would be unusual not to have proper decorations, such as holiday wreaths, a Christmas tree, and fairly curtain lights, to get into the holiday spirit. You can even do most of the decorations together with your team members, which is a cost-effective way when you are on a budget. This can be an excellent pre-party activity where you search for DIY tutorials to create the party decorations with wreath ribbon, paper, or pinecones. Besides, you can also decorate the space together, which can be an opportunity to strengthen work relationships.

Similarly, if you want to plan a themed party, you might want to set the décor to match that specific concept. So, if, for example, you choose to have a 20s-inspire party, you will need particular decorations, such as a gold sequin garland backdrop and feathers. The great thing about themed parties is that you can have the option to dress up. For a 20s themed party, women can wear flapper dresses with matching accessories, and men can opt for suits with a vest and a newsboy hat.


Last but definitely not least, for a party to be successful, you need to provide entertainment. Whether you opt for a DJ or a band, you need to make sure your party will have music people can dance on, so everyone will have a good time. A noteworthy mention would be to have a set playlist before the party, regardless of which of the two options you choose. This way, you make sure the music played will be upbeat and for everyone to enjoy. Not to mention that if you plan a themed party, you might want some of the music to match the concept.

Besides music, you could also provide other elements meant for entertaining the guests. A great example would be to install a photo booth. Such an installation will be an ideal way for your guests to interact with each other. Your employees can use the photos taken to decorate the office. Not only will this strengthen the work relationships between them, but it will also be a reminder of how much fun they had. And let’s admit it, creating a culture within the company that focuses on fostering meaningful relationships is a company many people will want to work for.


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