5 Certified Mail Examples and Reasons Why to Send Them

Do you have something to mail that’s so important you have to be sure it gets to its destination? If you’re thousands of miles away and need to get an important document in someone’s hands, certified mail is the way to go.

The United States Postal Service sent the first certified mail in 1955. There was a special certified mail stamp used to identify these letters. Canada followed in 1973. The service provided proof of mailing, and proof of delivery was an extra option.

Today, certified mail by the USPS requires a signature for receipt. Here’s a quick look at a few certified mail examples and how you can use certified mail in your business.

1. Legal Documents

Whether or not a company used a return address, most legal documents require a signature for receipt. This is the only way for a law firm or court system to prove that the documents got to their destination or there was an attempt at delivering them.

Law firms, state and federal courts, and corporate legal departments frequently use mail certification. It’s always the best option when the timing is critical.

2. Government Documents

In addition to legal documents, the government sends certified mail to help it create a paper trail. VISAs, passports, taxes, and other important documents all require a signature upon receipt. This also helps to ensure against identity theft and fraud.

3. Mortgage Documents

Businesses send mortgages, titles, and property insurance-related paperwork by certified mail because these documents establish ownership and should not fall into the wrong hands. This is especially important for a property that’s valued at a million or more.

4. Bank Documents

Banks frequently use certified mail when they have to provide records for legal cases. They may also certify financial products like credit cards and debit cards as protection against fraud and theft.

5. Any Documents You Want Proof of Sending

Although certified mail is most often sent by large companies and official entities, small businesses and individuals have every reason to send it, too.

When you have a bill that’s due and you want to have a unique tracking number as proof of item delivery, certified mail is there for you. You can use the certified mail receipt as proof that you paid.

It’s also a good choice if you are sending money or important photos to a loved one and want to track the package.

Many people are constantly bothered by robocalls and need to send a cease and desist letter, or contacted repeatedly by illegal debt collectors. They can use certified mail to create proof that they contacted the individuals responsible for the harassment. If all else fails, they can file a lawsuit and use their certified mail receipts as evidence.

Because of technology, it’s now easier than ever to send certified mail. If you can’t make it to the post office, it’s now possible to send a certified letter online.

Make These Certified Mail Examples Work for You

So now that you’ve seen a few certified mail examples, make them work for you!

Whether you’re a small business owner or an individual who wants proof that you mailed something, certified mail is a great tool. Keep it in mind and use it when you need extra protection for your mailed items.

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