5 Link Building Secrets You Have to Know About

Google and other search engines rely on quality signals to gauge how popular and relevant a website is. When other popular websites link back to your site, it proves that you’re providing helpful information to your audience. 

Thus, Google will rank your website for more keywords, giving you a great return from the investment of your SEO strategy. The process of acquiring links from authoritative websites is called link building. 

If you’re new to digital marketing and search engine optimization, chances are that your competitors are already employing a link building strategy. With that said, here are five link building secrets you should know about before beginning your campaign. 

1. Target Resource Pages for Link Building Opportunities

Resource pages are found throughout the internet. They simply link to other helpful website pages on particular subjects. For example, you may stumble across an Italian cuisine resource page that links to relevant recipes you can try. 

As a website owner, you can place your website on relevant industry resource pages to drive more backlinks to your website. Here’s how you can get started:

  • Find relevant resource pages by typing [“your industry” + helpful resources]
  • Once you find a resource page, use a keyword research tool to check if the website URL has a high domain authority score.
  • Reach out to the website owner and ask for a backlink. 

2. Try to Find Broken Links on Other Websites

Are you constantly publishing high-quality content on your blog? If so, you can generate backlinks by visiting other websites, identifying broken links, and offering your content as a solution. 

There are many Google Chrome extensions that can help you discover broken links on other websites. When you find them, reach out to the webmaster and offer your recent content in exchange. 

This is one of the most effective ways to build more links instead of begging for them. 

3. Create Better Content Than Your Competitors

A major part of any successful link-building strategy is sabotage. You’ll need to see which of your competitors have the most backlinks for keywords you’re targeting. 

Once you create a shortlist of these competitors, it’ll be on you to create content that surpasses theirs. This means creating more in-depth content that answers all of the questions your audience is looking for. 

With a better resource, you can manually reach out to the webmasters linking to your competitors and offer your content instead. 

4. Write Personalized Outreach Emails

No one wants to read robotic, boring outreach emails. If you’re planning to solicit others for backlinks, you should at least craft a personalized email instead of sending a large email blast.

Showing great attention to your emails will elicit a similar response from your recipient. 

5. Publish Original Research

Original research will generate backlinks more than content that can already be found on the internet. To earn more backlinks than your competitors, break the mold and create helpful content that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Ready to Begin Your Campaign?

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