5 Reasons to Outsource Your Company’s Cyber Asset Management

Cybersecurity asset management is an increasingly advanced field of IT asset governance. Asset management programs aim to take into account all of the hardware and software owned or licenced by a company in order to eliminate possible vectors of exploitation. Companies are right to audit their assets in this way: cybercrime is a genuine threat to the security of modern networked businesses. 

Cyber asset management can be complicated and time consuming. Many companies choose to outsource this element of security – even if they have a dedicated in-house IT team working with them. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your cyber asset management efforts. 

How Technology is Transforming Gaming


Third party groups like Panaseer Cyber Asset Management take pride in their level of expertise – which is far more in depth than a company’s in house IT team could hope to achieve in a limited time. Outsourcing your company’s cyber asset management tasks enables you to ‘shop around’ for people with relevant experience and expertise in the specific field of work you need doing. 

An in-house IT team is definitely capable of developing the skills necessary for the implementation of good cyber asset management, but they will be unable to gain real world experience related to implementing those skills. By shopping around for third party asset management experts, you gain the luxury of working with people that have already had the chance to be involved in similar projects. Past experience is invaluable. 

Contractual Responsibility

You can contractually require good results or reasonable compensation from third party IT contractors. Third party groups are also required to front the costs that may be incurred in the completion of a setup. They are often also contractually obliged to maintain a cyber asset management system after they have installed it. While people within a company are obliged to work as best as they can, they cannot be obliged to actually complete a task in the same way as a third-party contractor can be. 

Cost Savings 

There are lots of cost savings to be found when hiring an outsourced cyber asset management company. Because an outsourced company is responsible for its own staffing, there are no onboarding costs or time lost. There are also tool and hardware savings that can be made. Contractors own their tools and hardware – meaning that the hiring company does not have to front the cost. 


Contractors can also act as consultants: leveraging their expertise in order to guide the strategy of their hiring company. While many third-party asset management teams are happy to provide informal consultation, new contracts will have to be drawn up if more long term consultation work is undertaken. 

Improved Focus 

With third party contractors taking over the asset management process, the hiring company can afford to spend more time focusing on the core tasks assigned to them. IT teams will be freed up to keep a business running smoothly while contractors squirrel away finding solutions and ensuring complete asset transparency. 


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