5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Lapel Pin

Thinking about a creative way to spice up your brand? Hoping to build better awareness for your business in a post-COVID environment?

Look no further than custom lapel pins.

In this article, we’ll cover five reasons why your business should invest in custom lapel pins and detail how you can use them to better your business’s brand awareness.

1. Versatility

With the vast majority of the modern world still reeling from the pandemic, work has gotten complicated. Some employees are remote, others are in the office. Many meetings are online, some still demand meeting in person.

If you were to give a presentation in person a shirt, uniform, or graphic could display your brand effectively. On a Zoom call, however, that shirt or uniform might be covered, with your face the focus on another person’s screen.

Enter: custom made lapel pins. They’re great for any occasion. Your lapel is visible on a Zoom call; your lapel is visible when presenting in person.

Better yet, while a t-shirt may not be appropriate at formal gatherings, custom corporate lapel pins work in any business environment.

2. Customization and Personality

If you work in marketing (or know anyone that does), you know the importance of brand awareness. If you were shown a picture of a phone with an apple on it, you’d know instantly it was an Apple iPhone.

The same goes if that apple with a bite taken out of it was a pin on your lapel. A creative, simply designed logo ensures a sharp-looking lapel pin.

Better yet, you can always tweak your pin to make it visually distinct, in its pin-form. Metal-rimmed outlines or a glossy sheen adds a visual distinction that still screams: “My brand!” while making for a classy piece to wear.

3. Denote an Air of Prestige

It’s important for all of us to feel as though we belong. It’s why brand t-shirts are so popular. Offering lapel pins helps employees resonate with this sense of belonging.

Further, lapel pins are prestigious. They’re worn in sacred places, such as during weddings, funerals, religious services, and celebrations.

If they weren’t, why do so many congressmen and women wear American flags on their lapel? It’s to denote their pride for America, a demonstration of their patriotic hearts.

And it’s a symbol that America, itself, is great and worth wearing proudly on one’s lapel.

4. Conversation Starter

While the American flag is a self-explanatory image for most Americans, having a unique lapel pin will start conversations. People love fashion and will talk about anything that strikes their eye.

A unique custom made lapel pin can be that conversation starter.

5. Custom Lapel Pins Are Historic

That’s not to say they’re old. But a common trend through the ages is to hand down lapel pins to the next generation. Whether it’s for a son to wear at their wedding, or to keep in a box of treasures, each pin has sentimental value.

This can be true for businesses as well. Offering pins specific for the time one’s spent at a company can add value to your team in unexpected ways.

Invest in Lapel Pins

A custom lapel pin is an excellent aesthetic choice for any business occasion. Consider investing in a thoughtful design that screams “My business!” that you can wear at any formal occasion.

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