5 Tips for Choosing the Best Cannabis Grow Lights

Are you sick of spending a fortune at dispensaries? Are you excited to start down the parts of growing your own marijuana? If you are then you’re not the only one. 

Over 50% of Americans growing weed have found it’s not only more convenient but also saves money in the long run. Yet many people who start down this exciting path leave early because they don’t have the right led grow lights. 

If you want to get into growing but find equipment daunting, don’t look away. This guide will tell you 5 things you need to know about choosing cannabis grow lights. 

1. Look for Grow Lights That Save in the Long Term

Any experienced cannabis grower will tell you that the best led grow lights are energy efficient. Without this feature, you’ll be looking at a mountain of unpaid energy bills caused by inefficient grow lights.

With this in mind, look for light brands that have a good track record when it comes to energy-saving measures. Even if they cost more upfront, you’ll save a lot of money down the line. 

2. Cannabis Grow Lights Need Accurate Temperature Readings

Growing cannabis indoors is a process that requires accuracy, and low-quality plant grow lights make this a lot harder. Even minor temperature changes can impact your yield. In the worst-case scenario, you may be looking at burned plants and wasted money. Of course quality of the seeds you are planting matters as well. In addition to the quality of the seeds you plant, grow lights will have a greater impact if they are paired with the finest cannabis seeds.

It helps to buy grow lights for indoor plants that don’t give off excess heat. This will save both your weed yields and your savings. 

3. Lights Should Match the Number of Plants

Different states have different requirements for the number of pot plants that you can grow. You should have this in consideration if you’re planning on buying multiple lights. 

One area where grow lights excel is that these setups are customizable. If you’re interested in a modular growing setup, check out this website

4. Led Lights Make Watering Easier

Along with high energy costs, growing cannabis also uses a lot of water. One of the added benefits of using grow lights for indoor plants is that they are tailor-made to avoid waste. 

Because led grow lights emit less heat than regular ones, they won’t dry out your soil, making frequent watering an afterthought. 

5. LED Grow Lights Are Better at Maintaining Nutrients 

An important step in growing weed is using water that has been mixed with nutrient solutions. The only problem is that when you water the plant multiple times the soil retains fewer nutrients.

To add to the water-saving benefits that come with led lights, you also get to spend less on nutrients. By reducing the need for watering, your plants can retain nutrient mixes better. 

Growing Cannabis Has Never Been Easier

The expanding legalization of cannabis drawing more people than ever to home-growing. While many find the process of buying equipment daunting, you can rest assured that purchasing cannabis grow lights doesn’t have to be.

If this article answered your questions and you’re looking for more, it might be a good idea to explore the other articles on our website!


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