7 Coolest Tech Gadgets for Kids of All Ages — Ranked!

If you are a parent to a young kid, you might be turning up your nose at anything even remotely related to technology. After all, isn’t screen time meant to be the devil’s work? Well, that’s really not the full story, and some parents out there might be drawing a sigh of relief at reading this.

Technology has gradually and consistently become a fundamental part of our lives, and this has been highlighted during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. The impact that technology had and continues to have on the younger generation is huge. Tech gadgets for kids are all the rage now, and as a savvy parent, you might want to know more about these.

Well, you’ve landed in the right place. Read on as we unveil the seven coolest electronic gadgets for kids that you won’t want your child to miss out on. Kids these days love drones, They love drones which capture high quality streaming, you can also check for Drone 4K, they are amazing as a gadget for kids.

1. A Train Set with a (Smart) Twist

Now, who doesn’t LOVE a great train set? From younger toddlers to kids in their early teens, train sets just have something magical and timeless about them, making them one of the best gadgets for kids of all time. This, though, doesn’t mean that they can’t be reimagined for the digital age!

The Intelino Smart Train, for example, features smart technology which enables you to control it with a mobile app. It also comes with 40 color snap tiles, that you can use to control speed and steering functions. Now, this is a bandwagon that you’ll want to jump on.

2. E-Learning Made Easy (and Fun)

Struggling to get your child into e-learning mode? Dreading the next e-learning session and your kid’s inevitable meltdowns? Don’t despair yet, because there is a better (and more fun) way to handle the “new normal” in education.

To start, you should try switching to digital education with Chromebooks. The latest laptops from Google can help your child to strike the perfect balance between study and play. As a parent, you’ll also love them for their relative affordability and ease of use.

3. Learning How To Tell the Time, the Cool Way

One of the most exciting milestones for a child (and a parent!) is learning how to read a clock and tell the time. If you want to encourage your little one to achieve this in a fun and interactive way, then you should definitely consider trying the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch.

Besides teaching them how to tell the time, this cool gadget will also enable them to take photos and selfies, and to feel like a grown-up. Its stylish, comfortable design coupled with its splash-proof wristband make this the perfect first smartwatch for children.

4. Sweet (and Tech-Savvy) Dreams

Do you have a baby or a young toddler? Then, you should definitely consider getting a good, smart night light. Amazon offers a wide selection of these, and many of them feature smart technology functions.

For example, you can switch colors, adjust brightness, and turn it off remotely simply by using the Alexa app. Just a heads-up: if you want to use it with Alexa, you will need a device that is compatible and enabled for Alexa to set it up.

5. A Better Way To Play Video Games

During the first COVID-19 lockdowns, the number of gamers worldwide grew exponentially. But before you grimace at that, you can rest assured that this was actually a very positive fact. Psychologists and behavior experts, in fact, found that playing video games during such complex and unprecedented times yields great mental health benefits.

This, of course, applies to kids, too. Provided they do their homework, exercise with regularity, and spend good amounts of time outdoors, then why not treat them to a cool game console? Nintendo Switch Lite, for example, is a great choice.

6. A Tech Surprise for Music Lovers

If your little one is a big music fan, then why not opt for a music gadget powered by some great technology? The littleBits Electronic Music Inventor Kit will make your child feel like a real rock star.

They will be able to build the toy themselves and then customize it according to how they want to play it. Another plus? This is a modular toy (just like Legos, to give you an idea) which means that your little pop start can rebuild it all over again as many times as they like.

7. Reach For the Sky!

Is your child into drones? Well, we have some great news for you: you can grab yourself one of those for just over $40 on Amazon. These mini-drones feature built-in WiFi and a 720P HD camera that can take aerial photos and videos.

They also come with 3D rolling special effects, and your kid can have fun taking photos, practicing take-offs and landings, and learn more about general maintenance and repairs. These are not just some pretty cool gadgets for kids, but could turn out to be great starting points for a future career in engineering!

Pick the Best Technology Gadgets for Kids 

Whether you want to support your child with their e-learning efforts, or if you would like to treat them to a nice console to play their video games, there are plenty of tech gadgets for kids that can tick the right boxes.

Technology, in fact, is a great tool and resource for all of us, including our little ones. Of course, you always need to make sure that your child combines the use of technology with other areas of their life that contribute to their physical and mental health.

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