7 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With Flowers

It has been aptly quoted that flowers are the sweetest things God ever made but forgot to put a soul into. Without flowers, the world will be as bland as the sky without the moon and stars. Human beings have evolved to embrace flowers as something that completes them. Flowers are the visual delicacy that makes our lives bearable. But, in addition to being a sight for sore eyes, flowers have several material benefits. 

They enhance our moods, lower fatigue and minimize stress, help to cleanse the air, minimize headaches by improving air quality, and so forth. Psychologically shows that flowers make us happy by releasing the happy hormones of our brain – dopamine. 

As such, flowers bring in a sense of warmth, love, and romance in our lives. Lastly, the presence of flowers can calm down depressing and anxious thoughts by releasing serotonin in the brain. Hence, we can safely assert that flowers have a special place in our lives, and there is no second thought about it. They make an excellent gift and can make any occasion memorable and lively. 

Flowers are one of the first things that we use to decorate a venue as they disseminate an ambience of warmth and pleasantry. Moreover, fresh flowers have the potential to boost our mood and enhance our health, as well. 

Now that we have stated the importance of flowers, let us observe seven reasons to fall further in love with flowers. 

7 Reasons You Should Fall in Love With Flowers


  1. Lifts Your Spirits – Research shows that the sight and smell of flowers can alter the biochemical reactions inside our brain and make us feel more positive. Thus, when you are feeling stressed out the next time, buy yourself a bouquet. Moreover, if your partner is unhappy or displeased, give her flowers. Another study shows that women who unexpectedly receive flowers display instant happiness and a good mood for the next three days. Lastly, flowers are also proven to reduce levels of anxiety. A Harvard Medical School research illustrates that when freshly cut flowers are left in a house, the residents instantly feel less anxious. Therefore, the first reason to love and adore flowers is that they give us peace and warmth.
  1. Flowers Induce Creativity – A Texas A&M University study shows that the presence of flowers automatically induces creativity. Therefore, keeping flowers in the workspace is excellent for sudden outbursts of ideas. When we are in a state of confusion, the presence of a beautiful bouquet of roses can help us ease the perplexity of the situation. Hence, loving and embracing flowers improves not only our personal lives but also elevates our professional lives. 
  1. Perfect Gift – There are times when searching for a gift becomes a highly challenging task. It is in such tough times when flowers come to the rescue. If you give your partner, parents, grandparents, siblings, or friends flowers, it is assumed that they will instantly feel special and loved. Flowers, undoubtedly, can fend off negative energy and bring in more serenity. So, if you want to mend relationships with someone, then sending them flowers is an excellent way to go. Also, it is noteworthy to mention flowers are an excellent tactic to rekindle romance. Studies show that flowers induce the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, thereby helping us build bonds of trust and love. As such, you can brighten up the day of your loved ones by gifting them an exquisite bouquet. You can go with The Flower Club if you want to add happiness in your loved one’ s life. The best Florist in Melbourne will guide you through the options available and handcraft the perfect flower bouquets for you.
  1. Medicinal benefits and Healing Properties – Although flowers are analogous to beauty and charm, they have tangible healing and therapeutic properties. Roses are anti-inflammatory and can help deal with redness on the face. They can also calm us down. Similarly, lavender is known to work wonders against acne and acne spots. Thus, the medicinal properties of flowers are boundless. The best part about using flowers as a remedy is that they are all-natural, don’t have any side effects, and are not potent. So, loving flowers becomes more worth it once we realize their veritable significance as healing and medicinal agents.
  1. Interior Design – The most fantastic aspect of flowers is that they complement diverse homes and interiors. They are the ideal accompaniments for your living space. Flowers are readily available, and their presence will immediately lighten up a room. Also, you can keep changing them as per your mood. 
  1. Decorations – Needless to say, flowers are the quintessential decorations that can instantly amp up any event. They act as the ideal incentive when you want to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere. Carnations, lilies, and roses are excellent choices if you’re going to opt for the floral decorations of your event. The popularity of roses as the central decorative item in weddings is well-known. Likewise, various other flowers such as daisies and petunias have also gained immense popularity in recent times as decoration must-haves. Therefore, we should love flowers more as they are a fantastic decorative element to our special events and make our lives much more accessible.
  1. Air Cleansing Properties – Flowers not only soothe a living space with their presence, but they also have tangible air cleaning properties. The scent of flowers like roses and lavender has aroma-therapeutic features that facilitate a Zen-like ambience. Furthermore, other flower types such as peace lilies, bromeliads, and snake plants remove toxins from the air and help it become purer. So, flowers, undoubtedly, make our lives easier by cleansing our environment.

In conclusion, it is easy to love and adore flowers without any apparent reason. But, it is essential to highlight that flowers represent a plethora of benefits that make the lives of human beings easier. Our ancestors correlated flowers with a sense of abundance in historical terms as blooms meant the beginning of harvest. That feeling of abundance and bounty persists even today, and flowers make us feel happy and joyous. So, don’t wait and purchase a bouquet for yourself or a loved one now. 


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