A Fixed Wireless Service Can Help Gaming If You Live In A Rural Area

Picture this: You managed to get ahold of a digital copy of the rapidly expanding, critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. You queue up for your daily Duty Roulettes.

Then, you start noticing that your healing spells aren’t going off until after the tank dies. People in the party are getting annoyed with you for not keeping up. Worse, your connection straight up dies in the middle of the run. Your lack of low latency has ruined yet another night of raiding!

Rural internet connections can be very hit or miss, which is a sin for gamers. Luckily, a fixed wireless connection might be able to help you. Here’s how.

Why Is Rural Internet So Slow?

First off, let’s discuss the elephant in the room: Why are rural internet connections so slow?

The main reason for this is that many rural internet service providers rely on satellites to reach their clients. It’s cheaper to set up satellite receivers in underserved areas than to run fiber optic or other cables through them. Worse, in some rural areas, it’s impossible to run cables through them.

Satellite signals are notoriously weak and inaccurate. Combine this with multiple devices like phones, smart devices, and computers accessing the signal, and it’s no wonder the connection speed slows to a crawl.

What Is a Fixed Wireless Connection?

A fixed wireless connection works by broadcasting wireless internet signals from a central access point to receivers in homes, businesses, and farms. Each receiver usually exists within ten miles of the central access point and can line-of-sight the distributing tower. This type of connection allows companies like beam wireless to extend internet service through areas that cables can’t reach.

How Can Fixed Wireless Help?

Now, let’s put things into context. How can fixed wireless help a gamer, compared to their old internet service? Fixed wireless signals are closer to the ground than satellites by a large margin, reducing communication time. This cuts down lag.

You may still encounter some climate-based interference with a fixed wireless connection. Anything that blocks that line-of-sight connection can cause signal issues. However, that interference will be much less common compared to satellite, where the wind blowing softly in the wrong direction could ruin your entire connection.

It’s also much easier to set up a fixed wireless access point, and you don’t have to have an ugly satellite dish clinging to the outside of your home! That’s a win-win in our book.

The only other downside to keep in mind is that fixed wireless connections can be pricier than satellite or broadband. However, if you want quality, sometimes you have to be willing to pay a little extra.

Looking for the Latest in Tech News?

If you’re a gamer living in a rural area, a fixed wireless connection can give you the low latency you’ve dreamed of for years. However, if you need more helpful tips and tricks to bring your setup to the next level, then check out our blog. We update each day with all the latest and greatest tech news.


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