Internet Security

A Guide to Internet Security For Writers

As a writer you can hardly evade the use of the cyberspace. You should therefore know how to remain secure from the various cybercrimes that floods the internet. The internet being a limitless library of data, it is also a liable source of the cyber malware and viruses.  This may be in the form of crafty viruses, malvestings or scamp links.

With the increased technology, virus infection have become more rampant than any other time in history. Identity frauds and financial swindling are some of the worst and most common forms of crimes that the internet has opened a door for.

Internet Security

If you are looking for writing help, it is always advisable to work with a safe platform like the If you come across a dubious web page get off that page as fast as you can before hackers get you. It is also quite necessary to take great care in cases where you are required to give you individual details as you could be dealing with an identity thief.

Set Powerful Countersigns for Your Accounts

Using powerful passwords is one of the best ways you can kick cyber criminals off your spheres. You should never use a general open sesame such as birth dates chronological sequence of numbers or letters and a pet’s name because they are easy to predict.

Set passwords that have at least twelve symbols because lengthy pass words are hard to infer. As you set a countersign, include letters both capital letters and small letters, numbers and punctuation marks.

Don’t use Open Networks to get Into the Cyberspace

If you prefer writing from public places like cafes and hotels, don’t use their WI-FI. This is because such open networks are normally high hits for cyber criminals. Always have a personal internet access channel for purposes of safety. Besides, these open networks always a good sources of computer viruses.

Use Viral Protection Network (VPN)

Have a VPN for your computer. At one point in time you will need to access the internet using your computer. Having a VPN helps you get into the cyberspace through a personal route which cyber criminals can hardly hack.

Hackers have no way of getting the unencrypted data therein for for use to break into your account.


As a writer, you’ll find yourself using the internet frequently. Ensure you use safe channels to access it and always use powerful passwords for your accounts. This will help you remain safe from attacks by viruses, malware and several other crimes that are done in the internet.

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