A Quick Guide to the Different Kinds of Ads

Are you looking to advertise your brand? Most Americans see between 4,000 and 10,000 advertisements every single day. This makes every aspect of advertising important.

Not all ads create the same results. For effective advertising, you must understand which type of ad content works for both your brand and your client.

Keep reading to learn about the different kinds of ads you might choose from.

Display Ads

Display ads tend to stand out on a website. Also called banner ads, these advertisements sit in boxes or banners running along the top or sides of a website, and look distinctly different from the rest of the page. 

They use a picture and a few words to tell a story to the consumer. Just adding the logo alone goes a long way for imprinting a brand into the mind of the consumer.,

Some appear as still images. Others are fully animated.

Using display ads in your marketing campaigns supports brand visibility with visually appealing content. You can even set your display ads to target consumers with specific demographics, like location, age, and what they tend to buy. They work well in catching and redirecting people on the go.

Image Carousels

Sometimes your budget cannot put you alone in the spotlight. An image carousel still offers your brand its time to shine.

Similar to a display ad, your banner will show up along the edge of a webpage. But it will alternate with other, non-competitive brands.

Remarketing Ads

When people browse your website, you want to reconnect with them. Doing so can turn a potential consumer into a loyal customer. By visiting your page, they already showed interest. A remarketing ad reminds them of this interest after they leave your site.

This type of advertisement utilizes cookies to show the consumer ads relative to what they previously searched. It will show up on other websites. 

This helps the person remember to make their purchase. It also helps to prevent them from making this purchase through another brand, so you do not lose a potential buyer.

Video Ads

As the name suggests, video advertisements promote a brand through the use of a little presentation. It plays similarly to a commercial, only on the internet rather than on television.

Outstream video ads play on otherwise non-video content. For instance, the advertisement box may appear to the side of a news article or social media feed.

Instream video ads play either before, during, or after video content the consumer chooses to watch. With over 2 million viewers logging into YouTube each month, this can give your brand a ton of visibility!

Which Kinds of Ads Promote Your Brand Best?

Before spending your money on advertising, figure out which kinds of ads will best promote your brand. Consider your target market and the content you wish to share. Also, keep your budget in mind!

Are you still learning the ins and outs of digital marketing? Promoting your brand depends on it, so familiarize yourself with digital marketing on our website!


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