Books by Ruskin Bond

Ruskin Bond is a name to reckon with when we talk about the well-known writers of India.

He has several credits to himself like being one of the best children’s authors in India and having several of his writings adapted into movies and TV serials.  His stories have also made it to children’s text books of relatively every school.  Additionally, he has also been a recipient of several awards and honors for his contributions to literature.

Readers who have read his masterpieces will agree that a common thread runs through his literary creations comprising of picturesque descriptions of the mighty Himalayas and the Indian countryside, lined up with heart-warming characters who fill you up with optimism and invariably reflect the brighter side of life. While he continues to rule the children’s literature world with his endless creations, he has also experimented with other sentiments ranging from horror to romance to poetry.

Here is our compilation of his books spread across different genres, which will throw light on this versatile author.

  1. The Room on the Roof:

This was his first semi autobiographical novel, which was also his claim to fame since he bagged the John Llewellyn Rhys Memorial Prize in 1957.   Set in the Dehra region of Uttarakhand, it is a story about an orphaned 17 year old Anglo Indian boy named Rusty, who is forced to stay with his disciplinarian guardian, Mr Harrison, while he longs for freedom.  His quest for freedom forces him to leave his home and make some Indian friends, who manage to get him a job and a room on the roof. 

  • The Blue Umbrella:

This is a story about a young girl Biniya and her escapades with her gifted blue umbrella, that is so enviously desired by the local shopkeeper, Ram Bharosa. This is one of his gems that has been adapted into an Indian movie by the same name.

  • A Flight of Pigeons:

The book is set during the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857, and narrates the trials and tribulations of a  family of British origin who have to seek help from Hindus and Muslims to reach safer pastures after their head of the family is killed by the Indian rebels.   This was another creation that was adapted into a Bollywood movie titled “Junoon” in 1978.

Books by Ruskin Bond
  • The Hidden Pool:

This story revolves around three boys Laurie, Anil and Kamal and their discovery of a secret pool near the mountain side. Their discovery encourages them to plan their adventurous trek to an unchartered territory, the Pindari Glacier.

  • The Cherry Tree:

Rakesh as the protagonist lovingly nurtures and protects the little plant, until it become a sight to behold.  However, the journey of the seed transforming into a fully grown tree, in the light of adversities makes it an interesting read.

  • The Wind on Haunted Hill:

As the title suggests, it is a horror story; however, laced with humor.  It recounts a spine-chilling account of a haunted hill and all that happens when Usha decides to take shelter in the ruins on a stormy evening.

  • When the King was Tiger:

This book is a compilation of short stories and author’s tribute to our Indian Tigers, reminiscing the time when the beasts roamed the Indian sub-continent without fear of either man or other creatures.

  • The Tree Lover:

This is Rusty’s narration of his grandfather’s relationship with the trees around him and how the trees reciprocate the warmth with equal fervour.

  • A Face in the Dark:

It is an anthology of supernatural tales with eerie settings such as a spooky pine forest, an abandoned cemetery and a haunted house.

  1. Rusty, The Boy from the Hills:

This book revolves around Rusty and his journey from his early childhood to early teens.  His experiences of the strangest and most extraordinary things happening around him makes for an interesting read.

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