Class 11 is taken lightly by most of the students because there are no board exams at the end. But, the thing they don’t understand is that class 11 acts as the base for class 12. So, preparing efficiently for Class 11 should be students’ priority so that when they start studying class 12th, they have to just go through a quick revision of their class 11 notes. Because there are no boards at the end, you can give time for the preparation of your competitive exams too. Here are some quick tips which can help you clear your class 11 with great motivation and determination. 

• Have a positive approach

Never sit down to study with a negative or zero enthusiastic approaches to your mind. If you have planned that you will complete three chapters with full revision today, then leave your study table after completing those three chapters. Don’t think that you can’t do it or what is the benefit of sitting on my study table continuously for hours when you will not be able to complete those three chapters today. Push yourself to try harder and overcome these negative thoughts. Don’t try to overthink that what if I do not study or what if I don’t get my dream college? Try to discard these negative thoughts because these are only going to waste your time and in that time, you could have studied. So, instead of procrastinating things, focus on your studies. Don’t think about what your relatives or friends will say if you fail. It’s your life and you have to make it great for you.


• Throw away distractions

Social media is one of the major and most common distractions among students nowadays. In order to not get distracted by social media, it is recommended to students to switch off notifications on their phones. If you have the utmost dedication for studying and you want to do something with your life, you should uninstall all the social media apps which can cause you distraction while studying. Tell your friends not to call you for certain hours of the day solely to only focus on your studies. The average estimated time students spend on social media is about 3-4 hours a day. Think about how many topics and chapters you can do in those hours. If used effectively, those 3-4 hours could be very productive in your study. If you can’t control yourself being in the same room with easy access to your phone, Ask your parents to lock your phone and don’t tell you the password until you have completed your study session or you can just make them hide your phone where you can’t find it. There are many applications that help you set a timer on your social media apps, you can give them a try too.

• Start with basics

Start by building the bases of your subjects by studying NCERT thoroughly. Start a new chapter by reading and understanding each and every line of your NCERT. Try to make your own notes using arrows, pointers, or self-made tricks. After studying NCERT, do all the questions given in it by yourself. Get yourself a reference book so that you can check your answers and correct them to prevent future mistakes. 

For example: If you are studying ‘quadratic equations’ from your math NCERT textbook, do NCERT questions and check them with Class 11 solutions given in the reference book.

After completing a chapter, take the test of this chapter on your own as there are many test papers available online too. You can also ask your tutor to make your test for a separate chapter. Prepare for every taste like you are preparing for your final exam. If you don’t score well, don’t get disheartened or over-think that you can’t do anything with your future. Take that score as a way of motivating yourself to do better in your other upcoming test. Before giving a different test of that particular chapter, solve the previous one so that the questions get engraved in your mind. 

• Don’t get mixed up with formulas

For the subjects like maths, physics, economics, or any other subject which consists of formulas, maintain a formula sheet so that when you are appearing for the test of any chapter from these subjects, you can give yourself final revision by just going through your formula sheet. Along with the formula, also write the concept of the topic in which this formula is used. This process will take some time but it will be worth every second in the end when you will be giving your tests. Always prioritize studying your notes above doing questions regarding the particular concept. Try to understand every formula by applying it in your daily life. If you still don’t get the formula, ask your teacher or tutor to help you understand with the help of derivation or prove with which this formula is derived. This will help you memorize the formula for a very long time period. 

• Practice and Revise

If you complete a chapter from your textbook, don’t go on to the next chapter until and unless you have revised the completed chapter fully.

 What if you don’t revise? 

You have just completed the chapter so the topics will be fresh in your mind and this is the best time to fix that chapter in your mind by revising it at least twice. Solve some of the difficult questions from the chapter which you think can come into the exam. Revise your formulas but don’t try to cram them. do all the questions of that chapter given in your sample papers or previous year’s question papers, so that when at the end you are going to do those papers, you can test your knowledge. Be very consistent with completing the homework given by your teacher or tutor. It is usually recommended to students to avoid every party or family event after entering class 11. But if you have a very important family event to attend, try to complete at least 10 questions that day. Be very serious with your class 11 preparation but don’t forget to take refreshing breaks.


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