Different Security Systems That Are Available For Companies

The Difference Between Visitor Management And Access Control

When in a professional environment that involves both employees needing to be able to access a building in which they work, only those employees must be able to have access to get inside. Similarly, when visitors are allowed to be within the building, such as when visiting a patient, friend, family member, and so on, people must keep track of exactly who is visiting.

Different Security Systems That Are Available For Companies

The reason that it is important to keep these two things in mind when it comes to employees and visitors is strictly for security, safety, and staying organized. This allows security, or whoever has access to the systems, to know exactly who is in the building and for how long. This ensures the safety of all of the workers in the building as well as the people visiting. 

When it comes to the security of a company building, hospital, school, offices, and so on, the security of that building needs to be highly monitored. Security systems that you can use when it comes to the safety of others include:

  • Access Control
  • Visitor Management
  • Using Both Systems

With the access control and visitor management systems in mind, there are many ways to provide safety to employees and visitors to a professional building. With these three options in mind, security can always know who is inside of a building at all times.

Access Control

When it comes to access control, this ensures that only employees have access to getting inside and outside of a building. Through this method, this allows employees to use access cards that are specifically made for them. With these cards, they are the only ones that can have access to a building or rooms within the building. This way, visitors and random people can’t simply walk into a facility as they don’t have an access card that works with the access control system.

Visitor Management

While access control deals more with the employees within the building, visitor management deals with the visitors that are coming to the building. It is extremely important to monitor the visitors that are coming in and out of a company building, facility, school, hospital, and more, due to security and safety reasons. 

With visitor management, the security within a building will collect information about each person that is coming inside. This information may include their name, information on their ID, and a picture of them. With this being put on a temporary badge that they wear within the facility, people can tell who is a visitor and who isn’t. Along with this, the location may run a background check to make sure the person is safe and not of any potential danger to the people inside.

Available For Companies

Using Both Systems

While some people may only use one system for their building, it is recommended that people use both the access control system and the visitor management system. This is to ensure the safety of everyone inside the building by limiting access, keeping track of who is inside, and for how long, as well as making sure everyone that is using the facility does not pose a threat to others.


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