Employee Health and Wellness: How to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

Around 85% of employees aren’t engaged at work. 

But what happens when engagement drops? Well, productivity decreases, morale sinks, employee retention decreases, and you have more health and safety incidents. 

So, if you want to avoid all these things, employee health and wellness need to be your number one priority. By keeping your employees engaged, they’ll be more likely to come to you with ideas that’ll help business productivity and efficiency. 

Read on for four easy ways to improve employee wellness in the workplace. 

1. Keep It Sincere 

First things first, you need to keep your management style authentic and sincere. Employees see straight through empty promises and callous productivity schemes. 

Make sure your employees know that they can come to you at any time and that their voices will be heard. Try getting to know your employees, and you’ll see how quickly they drop their guard and realize you’re a good boss to have. 

2. Keep It Fun 

High efficiency and productivity 24/7 is an unrealistic expectation. In order for them to do their best work, they need to have downtime too. Pushing employees past their comfortable limits will only result in more sick days and poor performance while working. 

Try bringing in cake or sending them home an hour early. Or, organize a work social and encourage them to let their hair down. Small acts like these can do wonders for office morale and culture. 

3. Keep It Safe and Clean 

Many employees are navigating their return to the office post-COVID-19. Be aware that this may be a significant source of anxiety for many. The world is different since they were last in the office, and your business needs to adapt to potential concerns. 

Review your health and safety policies to include risks associated with COVID-19. Employee safety is imperative to increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Ensure that you’re providing adequate PPE where necessary and consider hiring janitorial services to maintain office cleanliness. 

4. Keep It Forward Thinking 

In 2021, workers value the additional perks of the job almost as much as their salary. So, review your benefits package to include healthy lifestyle vouchers and enhanced healthcare plans at a minimum. 

If you want to stand out, encourage a hybrid work model to let people choose flexible working. Other options that always go down well are chill-out rooms, pet-friendly working spaces, and on-site masseuses. 

Improve Employee Health and Wellness Today

These four tips are easy to implement and will have employee health and wellness soaring. As your employees realize the positive changes that are coming, you’ll notice work quality, productivity, and efficiency increase. 

Your office can be both fun and productive simultaneously, and encouraging employee wellness is the key to making it work. Remember, happy employees want the business to do well; unhappy employees want a paycheck. 

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