Get Wired!: How to Start an Energy Drink Company

Over 30% of adults under the age of 30 drink energy drinks across the United States. If you want to profit from this wide demographic you need to learn how to start an energy drink company.

The energy drink business is competitive, but if you do things right you stand to dominate the market. Establishing the right energy drink brand is a bit of a creative process.

Consult this guide for some awesome energy drink business ideas and take the energy drink market by storm. That way you can make the next big thing in revitalizing refreshments. 

Craft Your Energy Drink

The foundation of your business will be your product. If your energy drink tastes bad or makes users feel unhealthy it will never sell. The following are some things to think about when crafting your beverage.

Choose a Type of Energy Drink

Some energy drinks are marketed to be a quick buzz. Others are more health-oriented and revolve around natural ingredients and promoting a wellness routine. Decide what kind of energy drink you want to create as a first step.

Source Your Ingredients

No matter what kind of energy drink you want to create, you will need some affordable ingredients. Source them and make sure you secure priority before starting your operation.


Crafting a nutritious, delicious, and unique energy drink will not be easy. Make sure to experiment with many different flavors and consistencies when crafting your beverage.

You may want to seek outside help when creating a new energy drink. Using someone else’s professional lab space may be much cheaper than building a lab.

Use Taste Testers

While you are in the lab crafting your energy drink, make sure to use taste testers to feel out how the public likes it. This will help your developmental process.

How to Start an Energy Drink Company

Now that you have crafted your delectable energy drink, it is time to expand your operation. Incorporate your business and start working on the following things.

Securing Your Facility

You will need to have as many aspects of your operation at a singular facility. This means you will distill, bottle, market, and ship your energy drink from your world HQ. Choose wisely when selecting it.

Focus On Marketing

Half the battle of getting your new energy drink into the hands of consumers is having a great marketing strategy. Make compelling advertisements, use catchy slogans and design a great logo.

Get Endorsements

Celebrity and sports endorsements are some of the best ways to get your energy drink into the minds of consumers. Use them whenever possible to get your name out there.

Reinvest and Keep Creating

If you made a hit, don’t mess with it. That said, once you have one great energy drink off the ground, reinvest in your company. You can expand production capacity or keep coming up with new products to keep things fresh.

Energize the Market

There are tons of energy drinks on the market, but you recognize that it is time for something new. Learning how to start an energy drink company is a trial and error process.

Use the tips in this guide if you are starting your new energy drink endeavor. That way you will come out on top in the competitive world of the beverage industry. For other great stuff like this, stop back and click around our site.


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