Grow Your Business: The Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends in 2021

Many of the digital marketing trends that companies used successfully in 2021 can work wonders for your business. That’s true whether you’re a solopreneur with a small brand to promote or an emerging player in a large market.

In the following article, we’ll be looking at some of these trends, as well as some examples of how they’ve been used to great effect. Let’s begin!

1. Finding a Cause

Younger generations, particularly Y and Z, have spoken loud and clear with their spending power. They care about more than just your product or service. They also care about what you’re doing to make the world a better place.

Insightful companies are hearing the message and backing important causes. They want to be seen as good corporate citizens, and they’re using digital assets like social media to spread the word and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

2. Rise of the Influencer

Another of the 2021 trends in digital marketing that we’ve seen is the rise of live streaming. Platforms are becoming better at telling you when someone is going live, and influencers, in particular, are taking advantage of platforms like TikTok to grow their engagement.

3. More Inclusion in Messaging

Brands are increasingly seeing the need to establish a presence that’s welcoming to all. They are more open to embracing customers for their diversity and gender identities through inclusion in their digital marketing ideas and digital marketing technology. 

4. Voice Search

The AI behind deciphering speech patterns, inflections, dialects, and more have only improved, making it easier and more of a time-saver for people to use their voice when searching for things online. This entry on our list of 2021 digital marketing trends has been used to great effect by companies like Roku and Apple with their streaming devices. 

5. Continuing Emphasis On Visuals

Words, articles, long-form content. There will always be a place for these, but internet connections have grown in power to the point that users expect great visuals.

That goes for thumbnails, infographics, video quality/playback, and relevant images. If your 2021 digital marketing strategies still treat visuals like an afterthought, you are doing them a disservice. This risks turning off a wider audience. 

6. Getting Users Involved

Another important aspect of digital marketing in 2021 is user-generated content. UGC, as it’s known in the shorthand, has been around for years. The existence of social media was built on it!

Brands continue to embrace it as a way to engage their fans, followers, and consumers. UGC allows them to improve their chances of going viral, reduces the amount spent on content development, and resonates more with the creator’s friends and family than a corporate-branded message created in an office.

7. Content To Go

Last but not least, content-to-go is a trend that continues to do well among digital marketers. This is content created in lengths and formats where it can be consumed fast and conveniently without losing value.

This would include things like live streams, video series, podcasts, and newsletters. These types of collateral are truly the future of digital marketing, and they will only increase in popularity throughout 2022.

These Digital Marketing Trends Will Remain Popular in the Year Ahead

We hope this look at the seven digital marketing trends for 2021 will give you some idea of where to take your business in the years ahead. Experiment with how you present content, partnerships, and how you interact with your audience to make the most of them. For more marketing and entrepreneurial tips, check out some of our additional posts!


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