Hiring Remote Workers: A Guide to Virtual Hiring

Did you know that 16% of companies hire remote workers exclusively? While many businesses aren’t on that level just yet, our world is quickly adapting to virtual work, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

You might be realizing the benefits of remote workers for your small business, so you’re looking to do some virtual hiring soon. But how can you ensure that you get only the best people on your team?

Here’s a quick guide to online hiring if you’re looking for some remote workers.

Give Pre-Employment Assessment Tests

Communication is always key to how a company runs. But when you’re dealing with virtual workers, it’s even more vital to your business’s success.

So make sure you give candidates pre-employment assessment tests. These will be very telling not just when it comes to communication skills, but also skills in organization, time management, and collaboration.

You’ll also see if the candidates have accountability. Take note of how quickly they respond to your emails and if they notice the details in them.

If they don’t pass these tests with flying colors, then you’ll want to consider weeding these people out.

See Their Comfort With Video Conferences

Your communication will be mostly through video calls, if not all. If the worker isn’t comfortable with these, then you’ll run into problems. You’ll want to work with people who are confident on calls.

The same goes for if they don’t have a good internet connection or camera/microphone. Without good equipment, this can hinder progress. Of course, you can choose to provide them with the necessary technology to make things smoother, but that’ll be something you need to think about and factor into your hiring process.

Ask About Their Experience With Remote Work

Just like with any other position, the more experience they have, the better. They could be the best workers in their industry, but if they don’t know how to figure out remote work technicalities, then you’re going to have problems.

So when doing online recruiting, inquire about their experience with remote work and ask which tools they use to help complete tasks.

Ask About Their Industry Experience

Naturally, you’ll want to know about the remote workers’ industry experience. What can they bring to the table? Are they knowledgeable in an area that’ll supplement your company’s weaker areas?

Don’t just take their word for it either. Give candidates small test projects to see if they can put their money where their mouth is.

To speed things also, you can also use skills inference technology to hire talent that’s right for your company.

Have a Better Time With Virtual Hiring With Our Tips

Virtual hiring might seem like a strange thing to do at first. But once you’ve figured out the logistics and use our tips, it’ll be a cinch to do. Before you know it, you’ll get the best talent working for your company!

For more about virtual recruiting, head on over to the rest of our blog now!


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