Housing Marketing Trends 2021: What You Can Expect

Expanding your business as a realtor is about a lot more than just maintaining your marketing plan. You need to know what trends are on the rise, both in terms of real estate demand and in terms of effective marketing and outreach, so you can be prepared to make the most of each business opportunity. This gets easier when you have a real estate marketing agency that makes it their business to seek out and adopt new tactics before they become commonplace. So what can you expect in 2021?

Late Winter/Spring

Demand for housing in growing markets has remained strong, but many potential homeowners are waiting to move if possible, due to the ongoing pandemic complicating all aspects of life. As a result, demand is liable to be lopsided in the early part of the year as vaccination rollout ramps up. Meeting the needs of potential clients with digital resources, content marketing, and other materials designed to help them research and browse properties while maintaining social distancing are going to be essential for capturing the demand market that is out there. As a result, updated real estate brochure design for the new year should emphasize strong presentation as an electronic resource over print presentation.

Late Spring/Summer/Early Fall

The warm months are traditionally the strongest for home sales and leasing, since the weather is most cooperative at those times. There will also be a larger population of vaccinated individuals at that time, so it’s likely face to face marketing techniques like traditional open houses will begin to see a rise in demand around this time. Digital marketing will continue to be the new norm, however. Between the normalization of digital literacy among young adults and the low cost of marketing online, that’s unlikely to change.

Fall and Winter 2021

It’s very likely that demand will remain strong even into the colder months, due to a mixture of holdover effects from 2020’s economic disruption. Social media post templates that compete well online will be important, because by the latter part of the year even the slowest adopters will be aware of the necessity of a strong digital outreach plan. As a result, competition for attention online will get stiffer. Investing in effective marketing early in the year and putting resources in place to have a deep knowledge base for potential clients to browse by fall will help set you apart from the later adopters, maintaining your advantage even as they pick up your tactics.


If you haven’t put together a strong digital marketing plan yet, now is the time to really get to work. The later you wait, the less advantage you’ll have over the competition and the harder it will be for your own efforts to gain traction, that’s just the reality of marketing trends in general. By contrast, though, a strong move with a talented digital marketing agency at your back now could set you up with brand recognition and word of mouth advertising that pays off for years to come.


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