How To Analyze Influencer Profiles

If you have an account on a social media network, you probably have wondered how to analyze influencer profiles, and what you can do with them to sell your products or services to them. You can do an analysis on your own so that you can decide whether or not you need to promote your brand to that particular influencer’s audience. The short answer is that it is very possible to analyze influencer profiles with the help of tools available on the Internet. These tools will help you analyze all the facets of an influencer’s profile, including the engagement rate, audience demographics, customer data, and other vital components.

Look at engagement rates first

When we talk about engagement rate, this is the average likes and comments and general interactions that an influencer gets on their content. If an influencer has a high engagement rate, that means that his or her followers are interested in the content that these individuals post. When an influencer has a low engagement rate, however, that tells us that the audience isn’t that interested. You can see evidence of this by using tools such as an influencer marketing platform. Those that have high engagement rates have a loyal following and many people recommend following them.

An influencer with good engagement rates will indicate how well admired they are within their particular industry. One of the keys to understanding the audience profile of an influencer is to look for trends that are common among these people. If an influencer has a lot of posts on videos related to health and wellness, you might conclude that he or she talks about health in a way that is appealing to a specific audience. However, if the same influencer has very few posts that discuss current events or political issues, you can conclude that she isn’t as politically savvy as she might be.

Look for informative and provide quality content

Many entrepreneurs are great at using their social media platform as a place to get information and engage with their audience. However, when it comes to engaging with users, there are some marketers who just talk up whatever they want to promote. In other words, if social media influencers only talk about themselves and have a low engagement rate, they’re probably not going to have many active followers. However, if they start talking about issues relevant to their audience and start gaining fans, then they can become an authority on that topic and their audience will be able to trust them more. Using this method, you can see which influencers have strong followers and can assume that their audience will like their content if they make smart posts.

Is follower count important?

Lets address another component of the influencers profile – the amount of followers they have. An individual’s followers can be an indicator of the value they bring to a company, but the quality of those followers is equally important. If an influencer’s followers don’t have any engagement with their content, then they’re not going to be very valuable. You should aim to find influencers with a large following in order to have your content seen by a wide audience, but this is not the number one goal. 

What you can do when you’re looking at these figures is to look at the average engagement rate and the number of mentions a single influencer has made within their niche. This gives you a good indication of how much engagement a particular influencer provides to their audience, which is obviously going to impact their followers. It may also be a good indicator of how valuable that influencer is to their audience. 


These are just a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re investigating an influencer’s social media accounts. The key thing is that you take the time to look at all of the available information and determine how reliable and important that influencer actually is to their audience. You should begin to consider using an influencer marketing platform as part of your strategy, in order to find this information in an easily accessible way.


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