How to Avoid Scammers When Betting on Tips

People often understand sports betting as a personal conflict with the bookmaker, all with the goal of winning a big profit. Although some sports betting fans also know how to just enjoy sports betting, the most common and often the only goal of a bettor is to earn from his bets.

However, what if the bettor realizes that he is not so talented at composing betting tickets? He has mastered all or most types of sports betting, learned what odds are, heard about the best sports betting systems, and mastered arbitrage betting to the fullest, but… it seems to him that he is failing to hit the winning ticket. This is where tipster betting or betting on tips (or sports tipping) comes into play.

Tipster Betting – A Scourge of the Modern Age

With the advent of computers and the Internet, the latter has, unfortunately (in the context of the article we are writing), become a major source of information for many. On it, you can find answers to everything that interests you in just a few moments. Whether it is the weather forecast, breaking news, or searching for car parts – you can easily and quickly get the data you are looking for.

However, what happens when you realize that the Internet community consists not only of ads and news but also of numerous scammers who in one way or another want to pee on your back and tell you it’s raining? Even when you add to that your indescribable desire to earn a significant amount of money on online sports betting in an easier and faster way – doom is guaranteed. But what does betting on tips have to do with the above? It has to do a lot!

Let’s first clarify what a tip is. A tip can also be defined as information related to a sporting event in which the outcome of a match or event (such as playoff series and similar) is known in advance. Tips and tipsters often claim that this is 100 % accurate information, so we are not surprised that many fall for this trick. Have you ever thought it was a scam? We hope you have, but if you are considering including betting on tips in your routine, pay close attention…

Social Networks Are Full Of a Pig in a Poke Sellers

The number of people using social networks has increased en masse in the last few years. And the number of scams seems to be even higher. The goal of the fraudsters is to extract money from you in exchange for reports of certain and accurate results, more precisely, the outcomes of matches and events. Each of these fraudsters claims to have first-hand information and knows how and with what result the upcoming match will end. Since no one is disgusted with money, there are a large number of bettors who fall for these scams without thinking.

The first thing we will advise you is to avoid all Facebook and Instagram profiles with the label “safe bets“, “accurate tips“ or “guaranteed winnings“. The goal of the fraudsters is to attract as many people as possible, and then their operations begin. They usually start by sending you numerous notifications so that you can start following them (which you usually do), and then at some point, they start setting certain odds on certain matches. When naive visitors start noticing that they have hit good odds, they decide to pay the money after the next announcement. If this first tip has passed, you, as a bettor, will pay without thinking the next time as well, only a much larger amount… And the vicious circle starts until you realize that you are actually deceived (and this happens when the first tip is not correct).

Scammers of this type have developed an entire system, so remember that they will always offer you various possibilities, which are good for everyone except you. Some of them are:

  • Payment before the matches and if the tip does not pass, the next one is free.
  • Payment of half of the agreed amount before the match, the rest afterward.
  • Payment after the match, only if the tip passes.

Looks like gambling? In fact, it is. Why? Because the fraudster offers information for which he cannot guarantee. Are you still thinking about betting on tips? Be smarter than that!

Tipster Betting and Match-Fixing – Closely Related, but…

The biggest match-fixing scandals were all related to tips, and it has long been clear to everyone that there are match-fixing and pre-arranged matches. In recent years, we have witnessed numerous scandals that have shaken the entire public. Although match-fixing is characteristic of lower leagues, it does not bypass the big ones. And yes, it is true that many games and matches are rigged for someone’s profit. We said someone’s, not yours.

Does this tell you anything? If you did not understand, we will clarify the essence. True, accurate, and quite certain information about possible fixed matches is not available and will never be available to the general public. So, neither to you nor to the person who offers you a “safe bet”!

It is clear that matches are sometimes rigged out of someone else’s interest, and the goal is to make as much money as possible. Whoever is involved in these illegal activities is not crazy to share this information with others. So, only a small number of people will know about it, and the information will be kept like money in the bank. So, don’t be naive. If betting on tips is the way to earn big money, why are all those who offer “verified” information about a match asking you for money when they can use that same information to make a fortune on their own?

Be smart. Focus on getting to know the sport you are following better and stay up to date with the teams to bet more accurately. Practice, play, try, and, if you have no experience, study the best tips for novice bettors, but don’t fall for scams. This is the only way to best protect yourself, but also your betting budget. Instead of looking for tips, find the best online bookmakers in your country on platforms that specialize in rating them (if you are in Europe, British bookmakers are considered the best, Japanese stand out in Asia, and if you are in Africa – play at Nigerian bookmakers at Bookmaker and without fear of fraud enjoy a large selection of sports and sports competitions across the world.


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