How to Build a Smart Home Gadgets

Nowadays, a phrase like “Smart Home” is heard by everyone. Usually this term refers to a complex and expensive system that can turn your home into a place of artificial intelligence. But such equipment is far from affordable for everyone. Smart home devices will help you to make your life more convenient. 

One of the essential advantages of the “Smart Home” is comfort. Users have access to remote control of every home system using smart home gadgets. Now there are lots of companies offering smart gadgets. 4prototypes provides the best smart solutions for your home at an affordable cost.

The smart home systems include elements such as cameras, motion sensors, communication with a police station or a private security service. The systems can use key cards or biometric scanners instead of conventional locks, which greatly complicates the intrusion of intruders.

Another advantage is energy efficiency. The popular “smart home” has a higher level of energy efficiency. Thanks to intelligent programming, you can save electricity and lamp life. The intelligent system will turn off the light only after you fall asleep and, if desired, turn on soft lighting. And in the morning the system will decide what kind of lighting is needed in the house depending on the weather outside.

Benefits of Smart Home Devices

If you are thinking about smart home, 4prototypes will provide you with the best smart home devices for your house. 

Now we are going to revise the most important top benefits of smart home from 4prototypes. 

  • Making a house much safer. Even a strong and latest door with an alarm does not guarantee the security or reliable operation. The door can be cracked, and the alarm is often triggered out of business. The photo-confirmation technology, which includes the control panel, the front door opening sensor, and motion sensors, can help increase the level of protection. 
  • During an alarm, the operator of the monitoring station will receive frames from motion sensors with photo confirmation, with which he can see the intruder or the source of the alarm and correctly respond to the signal. 
  • Preventing floods. To protect housing from the flood, you can install a water leakage sensor on the pipes. With such a sensor, you can not worry about flooding your neighbors when you go on vacation or to the country. If a leak is detected, the valves will simply block the pipes.
  • There is still a device that, when water accumulates on the floor, will start to sound an alarm. 
  • Driving machinery from a distance. Often we forget to turn off electrical appliances before leaving home. It’s good that smart gadgets have now appeared that help to do this remotely. 
  • Climate controller. To establish the optimum temperature in the house will help battery automation modules and air conditioning control devices. You can control these devices manually, for example, set a comfortable temperature, which will save on a communal apartment.
  • Fire protection. In case of fire, the main thing is to notify all haussteuerung members in time so that they manage to get out, as well as call special services to quickly eliminate the fire. This will help the thermal fire sensor, which response to a sharp increase in air temperature.

Each nest of smart gadgets or kit from 4prototypes can be connected either with Wifi or Bluetooth. You can just read the positive reviews about the 4prototypes products and new smart gadgets.


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