How to Create Your Own Aerial Video Using Drones

Have you ever been scrolling YouTube and come across some amazing aerial video footage? You marvel and are in awe of the production quality.

You wonder, how you could ever achieve something so beautiful. As a budding filmmaker, you are looking to upgrade your skills and shots.

Drone videography has always intrigued you but you’re unsure of where to start. You’re in the right place! Hover below to learn how to hone your video craft!

Drone Laws

Before you start crafting that cinematic footage, you ought to be aware of the drone laws. In the U.S. The FAA states it is legal to fly a drone in the U.S, but you’ll want to be compliant with drone regulations. Each state has its laws, so you’ll want to follow whichever you reside in.

If you plan to use your drone for commercial use, you’ll need an FAA Part 107 drone license.


It pays to learn the ins and outs of the drone before you start shooting. Get comfortable with the drone and practice in a remote area before hitting the record button for the first time. Find a spot that works for you and start flying very early in the morning.

Read the owner’s manual. How can you experiment with settings, techniques, subjects, etc.? Learn and master the basics of flying a drone and soon you will acquire flight proficiency.

Camera Eye

Once you’ve learned the basics and mastered flying your drone for a while, you’ll want to better yourself with the actual camera. How can you use the drone to the best of your ability as a tool in your filmmaking repertoire?

Think like a filmmaker and you’ll become a budding one.

A good rule of thumb here is to keep things simple. Think of the aerial video shots you’ve seen in your favorite Hollywood films. You’ll start to notice the subtlety in those gimbal tilts and rotations.

The Right Drone

Take your time to find the right drone for your aerial video. Quality drone videography comes back to the drone and a stabilized gimbal. Check out some amazing cinematic footage and then take note of what drone they used.

A popular choice is the DJI Mavic Air. You’ll love how lightweight and portable it is. To take your shots to the next level, read this site to inform you on what drone to choose.

Follow Me Mode

Does your drone have an automated flight pattern mode, better known as “Follow Me Mode”? With it, you can follow a subject from point A to B smoothly and steadily.

Play around with this feature to see what you can come up with. Enabling Follow Me mode will take your drone videography to the next level. Drones that have this feature offer a richer experience through GPS and a more intelligent flight system.

Aerial Video Tips

One aerial video tip to start with your drone is the close-up/pull-back technique. The drone starts with a close-up of the subject then pulls back to create a truly epic shot.

To achieve this, begin by hovering the drone in one spot. Have your subject walk towards the drone. As they walk gently pull back to create the shot.

It may take a few tries to get it right. At the editing bay, you can even reverse the shot if you’d like.

Return to Home

Are you ready to get out and shoot some epic aerial video via drone? Drone videography will take some time, but it’s worth the effort.

Once you have something completed, share it online and with friends. You never know who you will inspire with that cinematic footage.

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