How to Get Feedback From Customers: A Small Business Guide

Your customers should be your priority regardless of the size of your business. You should always make them feel valued and appreciated. Dissatisfied clients are likely to move to competitors, and losing them will undoubtedly hurt your brand.

There is no more effective way to ensure consumer satisfaction than by getting regular customer feedback.

Customer feedback helps you improve products, boost your team performance, and make sound business decisions. But how do you get customers’ feedback? This guide explains how to get feedback from customers.

Website Reviews

Reviews are the best way to get customers’ opinions regarding your products or services. You can register your business in top online reviews platforms such as Google reviews and let customers share their thoughts.

While doing so, make sure your business name is correctly spelled and offer a brief description of your services, website link, contact details, and if applicable, provide links to your social media accounts.

You may also leave a review section on your website. This is much easier when collecting first-hand feedback. Consumers will rate your products and leave short comments about their experience with your brand. Let us understand the importance of product reviews find here some best product review sites.

Incorporate Social Media

Today, almost everyone is on social media. Users spend most of their time scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Take advantage of this by asking your followers to share their feedback via direct messages or commenting on your posts.

For instance, you can make a tweet or Facebook post asking followers what they think about your recently launched product. You may also ask them to share ideas on which adjustments you should make to improve customer service services.

The best part is that Facebook has a review feature. You only need to activate the feature on your page to give customers an easier time writing reviews. The reviews will be visible to all your page visitors, making this strategy an excellent way to generate leads.


Surveys are by far the most efficient way to understand how consumers perceive your products or services.

If conducted properly, a survey will help you gather qualitative customer feedback. Ensure that you prepare a relevant questionnaire featuring open-ended questions. Rest assured that you will gain accurate insights into what consumers think about your products or business at larger.

Moreover, surveys are the best tool for collecting emotional feedback. Ideally, you can determine which of your products excites consumers and which one is a turnoff.

Surveys are easier to interpret than data. You can quickly develop an imagination of what consumers expect from you because you will get direct answers from them, unlike usage data which requires you to think technically to get an idea of what customers want.

Most importantly, surveys are cost-friendly. Creating a questionnaire and sending it to consumers will not cost you much.

You can also collect customer feedback with a QR code survey that is easy to set up and convenient for customers. They only need to scan a QR code and quickly tap on the emoji representing their emotions towards your services.

Customer Feedback Boxes

Feedback boxes are efficient if you own a brick-and-mortar business. Like employee suggestion boxes, customers’ feedback boxes are a valuable asset to your company. Consumers will have all sorts of ideas and complaints, but not all are confident enough to share them with you directly.

Surveys might help you catch the issues if they are serious. But if they are minor issues, the consumers are likely to ignore and walk away with frustrations. If they realize that the problem is frequent, they might push for a solution through the feedback boxes.

Ensure that you check the boxes regularly and go through each of the suggestions.

Feedback Forms

If you own an online business, you can use feedback forms in place of boxes. Customers can fill in the forms at the end of each page, perhaps after making a purchase or later after using the products.

It could be that your website does not give them what they want. The loading speed is slow, or some parts are broken.

In such cases, they might not be in a position to reach out to the support team. Adding a feedback form at the end of each page will offer them a more secure way to communicate their frustrations.

Be sure to check the forms frequently and respond to the inquiries. If you are unsure what the user was suggesting, follow up with them until you get the idea.

Talk to Your Customers Directly

This is one of the most overlooked yet super-efficient ways to collect customer feedback. If you have a chance, reach out to the consumers directly and have a one-on-one talk.

This idea gives you a chance to dig deeper into the potential issues. For instance, if you realize an increase in the bounce rate, you will never know the reason behind it unless you reach out and talk to your visitors.

Check your customers’ list, pick random customers, and note their contact details. You may also check if any of them are from your local area and plan a meet-up. With this, you will learn the real problem and develop a solution before it gets out of hand.


Usage data analytics is the way forward, primarily if you want to gain insights into how a particular feature is performing.

You will be able to view user activity on your website or social media pages. Analytics allow you to determine which sections of your site are people’s favorites and how often they visit those areas.

You can view individual activities. In return, it will be easier to identify what attracts them and what might be a turnoff.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction by Understanding How to Get Feedback From Customers

Now that you know how to get feedback from customers, you can select the most suitable based on your goals. By constantly listening to your customers, you will be better positioned to solve issues before they escalate. You will be able to meet consumer expectations.

Collecting feedback shows customers that you value them and their opinions count. They will have no excuse for choosing competitors over you.

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