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How to Master the Art of Successful Branded Video Content

Branded video content comes in all shapes and sizes, from direct call-outs to product promotions; there is a variety of branded video content floating on the digital web. As a huge growth area for brands, videos, and more importantly, branded videos have become an integral part of all brands’ digital marketing strategy. As a marketer or content creator, exciting times are ahead.

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In this blog, we look at how you can master the art of creating successful branded video content.

But, let’s first understand what makes a successful branded video content?

Branded content is what many would call paid promotions, but it’s just a part of what a successful branded video does. A brand and a video content creator work together to create something useful, valuable, and engaging. Successful branded video content has a few benchmarks that can help you judge if a brand is successful or not. A —

  1.  A branded video is successful when it’s shareable and interesting. It makes your audience want to share it with their friends and family.
  •  The best-branded videos tell a story. Whether you are selling a make-up kit or smartphone, if you can tell a story, be rest assured your audience engagement rates will go up.
  •  Successfully branded video talks about the brand without ever being on the face. It’s’ subtle branding at its best. Many successful brands these days don’t even want to add a logo to the video, thinking it might ruin the subtle branding and narrative in the video. And they are right.

Break the clutter with unique branded video

Today there are thousands of videos competing for the same audiences’ attention. Even established brands like Coca-Cola and Samsung have to go through many iterations to create fantastically, eye-grabbing, groundbreaking, branded video content. So what does it take to break the clutter with a uniquely branded video —

  • Similar to written content, give people noticeable, unique, and exciting content.

  • Audiences love a video that tells them a story or, in the end, leaves them with curiosity and intrigue. Make sure it’s not over the top sales pitch or uninspiring. To break the clutter, you need to have subtle product placement and not on the face.
  • The pro tip here is to always think of the audience first because if you make a great video and no one watches it, then is it even a successful branded video in the first place?

  • Today’s digital-savvy audiences are aware of band messaging and product placement, and they are alienated if the video content isn’t unique. Short or long-form don’t matter in the long run. You can break the clutter to grab their attention with engaging and emotive content.

Always tell a story but in a stipulated time.

Stories make us human. We are human beings, and we love to watch, hear, and tell stories. Stories are how we communicate, and stories are the best way to say something if you want it to stick.

  • To master the art of creating successful branded video content, be a storyteller. When people watch branded content, they are mentally prepared to watch a video that is longer than an advert but shorter than a short film.

  • Once you decide which story you want to tell, it’s important to ask yourself how many minutes you want to tell the story. Surveys show that videos lesser than 4 minutes have more click-through rate and a better choice of selection.

  • While metrics and analytics are important, don’t compromise them for the storytelling aspect; if your story demands a video of over 4 minutes to tell an inspirational narrative, then do that. The nuances are more important than metrics because that is what will stay with your audience long after they have finished watching your video.

Be genuine, original, and relatable with your messaging

People are smart enough to see through salesy or implausible content.

  • The best and most successful branded content are the ones that relate to your audience and make them feel as if they are part of the story. If your stories and content are not genuine, then it won’t inspire your audience to action.

  • One-way storytelling is a big no-no as it alienates people. Making something authentic, real, and inclusive also makes it shareable and makes people excited to share it with their friends or peers.
  • Though you can script your videos and write them down, make sure they capture genuine stories and real-life experiences of your customer, brand loyalist, or story of your brand. The authentic and relatable content always breaks the clutter, as we saw in the first tip.

Think about your audience better

No messaging can be complete with someone receiving it at the other end of the screen. So you know your audience. To be a master in the art of creating successful branded video content, THINK AUDIENCE FIRST.

  • One way to have an audience-first approach is, to begin with, the end. Think about what you want your audience to see and feel at the end of the video, how do you want to engage them, where should they go, and what should they do after they have seen your video.

  • Use data and analytics from your earlier videos to understand your audience’s taste and likes. Do they prefer to watch more videos? Do they prefer to engage via comment? Knowing your audiences and what they are most receptive to will help you ultimately design and maximize your branded video experience to the fullest.

Create visually appealing branded videos

When your audience watches a branded video, they expect it to be of a professional production level. By watching the production quality of your video in the first few seconds; people can stay or leave. That means you have to think and plan when making your branded video.

  • A successful branded video content is professional. It means you can produce content that is not just made with a selfie camera and shabby audio recording.

  • From a visual perspective, it means your videos should be eye-grabbing, appealing, and sometimes aesthetic. The resources are not the major concern, but how you shoot it and make it visually appealing.

  • Simple things like add text to video, great lighting, smooth transitions are sure to up the game of your branded videos. Don’t forget to carefully think about your sound quality, as this is often overlooked. Poor sound quality can alienate your audience and make them drop off from your video midway.

If your video production quality is impressive, you find more brands approaching you to make more branded video content.

Conclusion Video is the fastest, most emotive, and engaging way to create long-term brand engagement. The best-branded videos are authentic, original, story-driven, and great in production value. As the demand for video goes up, and with the tips listed above, you can be sure that as the demand soars for more and more branded video content, you would have mastered the art of creating successful branded video content.


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