How To Roleplay In SWTOR

Star Wars: The Old Republic is a magical game, it offers players the chance to become a part of a galaxy where some of the most universally acclaimed stories of our time occurred while still keeping things fresh.

For the creatively inclined, this presents a wonderful opportunity to get their pens out of the drawer and carve their own story into this galaxy far, far away, tough some might be newer at this than others.

So in order to help these people who want to role-play the honorable Jedi, cruel Sith, or SWTOR credits-obsessed scoundrel, we are compiling this some tips that will put you right on track.


It should go without saying but the character you are about to role-play is not you, and (unless you want them to) they’re not a part of your world, so the best part to start your role-playing is by giving your character a background.

This background can be more or less detailed according to your tastes, but as a rule of thumb, it should say something about who your character is, where they came from and what their motivations are.

In turn, this information should serve as a basis for their personality which allows you to improvise every line and decision he makes.

Study Up On The Lore

Now, of course, planning your characters background is going to demand at least some knowledge on the setting of the game, which may require you to do some research on the setting of the old republic.

That doesn’t mean you’ll need to become an absolute scholar on everything Star Wars, but having some knowledge on your characters race and what their history are is certainly going to provide some much-needed context.

Find a Community

In the words of the most powerful force user that ever lived: “This is where the fun begins”.

After all, role-playing by yourself is cool, but it can be infinitely better if you have a community with which you can combine your creativity and go on adventures through the galaxy, after all if your character is so unique and charming, just wait until you meet everyone else’s!

Meeting new people with whom you can role-play is also very easy, all you have to do is go to the SWTOR forums and click on the role-playing session to find hundreds of people interested in doing the same thing.


Even though Star Wars The Old Republic is full of excellent stories that grip one’s imagination and immerse us into this fascinating universe, these still have nothing compared to the infinite potential of our imagination.

It is this particular element that makes it possible for us to take the wonderful job done by the team behind this amazing game and make something that transcends scripts, mechanics or even time.

So, in order to inspire new people into trying role-play out, why don’t you veterans share some stories about your adventures through the galaxy? These can be anything from the funny, to the epic, to the tragic and anything in between!


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