How to Show Proof of Income If You Are Self-Employed

There are about 16 million Americans who are self-employed at this point. That number has gone up in recent years, and it’s expected to climb even higher in the years to come.

If you fall into the self-employed category, you probably enjoy being self-employed for a number of reasons. But one of the big drawbacks of it is that it can be challenging trying to figure out how to show proof of income when you have to do it.

But not to worry! There are several ways in which you can show self-employed proof of income when you need to do it. Take a look at how you can prove your income when you’re self-employed below.

Pull Out Your Most Recent Tax Documents

If you’ve been self-employed for at least a few years now, the easiest way to show proof of employment is by taking out your most recent tax documents. They’re going to show all the money that you’ve been able to bring in as a self-employed person.

Ideally, you’ll have a few years’ worth of tax documents to show. They’ll demonstrate your ability to generate income on a consistent basis.

When you’re trying to decide how to show proof of income as a self-employed person, this is the simplest way to do it. It’ll require next to no effort on your part and will prove without a shadow of a doubt that you’re bringing in income regularly.

Get Your Hands on Some Recent Pay Stubs

Just because you’re self-employed doesn’t mean that you’re not still going to receive paystubs from those who pay you. Most of your clients are likely going to give you some form of a paystub every time they cut a check for you.

If you’re lucky, they’ll even use the best paystub generator in the country to do it. It’ll allow you to provide tangible proof of the money that you’ve been bringing in over the last few months.

Ask Your Clients to Write Letters for You

If you’re really in a bind and can’t seem to figure out how to show freelancer proof of income, you might want to ask some of your clients to write letters on your behalf. In these letters, they should make a note of how long you’ve been working for them, how much you’re paid for your services, and how long they plan to employ you on a freelance basis.

Tax documents and pay stubs are obviously going to work better than these letters. But the letters are going to be better than nothing when it comes to providing proof of income.

It’s Easy to Learn How to Show Proof of Income When You’re Self-Employed

You’re going to need to know how to show proof of income when you’re self-employed at various points in your life. Any time you go to rent an apartment or take out a personal loan, you’ll be asked to prove your income.

You can do it by using one of the methods that we’ve listed here. They should make it super easy to show that you’re making money every month as a self-employed worker.

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