Important Tips to Score High in Class 10 Olympiad

Here are some important tips to score good marks in Class 10th Olympiad-

  1. Stay positive:

Don’t be in a hurry once you start solving the paper. Just spend 2-3 minutes going through the paper. Visualizing successful performance is found to boost up confidence. Like, spending time imagining a positive experience will also aid you students manage your nerves. Pictures are better than words. Imagining yourself performing well is found to be more effective at enhancing the mood than telling yourself you will do well. Trying to think positively for a few minutes before the Olympiad (and once you’ve put in the hard work) will not affect this, and it will help foster your mood.  

  1. Keep your calm during the exam:

Mark the answers you are sure about in the OMR sheet provided to you. And take deep breaths when needed. You might look around and see others who seem to be breezing through the test without a problem, which can make you feel more stressed. Or you might find other students looking equally stressed, which will not make you feel any better either. Do your best and just stay focused on whatever you are doing.

Keep taking deep breaths. Most students tend to take short, shallow breaths when they start getting tense. Taking long, slow breaths instead will help reduce your stress and help you concentrate well. For some students, good humour can ease tension and keep them motivated. One could make a little fun of themselves, for example, by thinking “oh boy, I’m going to bomb this one.” Or, one could think of some funny thoughts about something else.

Important Tips to Score High in Class 10 Olympiad

Many people find it helpful to visualize something to drive their attention away when they are feeling stressed. Try closing your eyes for a minute, and picture yourself in a place you would love to be at. Also, imagine yourself relaxed and in a stress-free state. Be self-motivated at that moment.

Make sure you wear layers of comfortable cloth:  This way, you’ll be able to adjust to your testing environment. For example, wearing a hoodie over a t-shirt can keep you from getting cold. These little tricks will let you keep your focus on the Olympiad rather than worrying about physical discomfort. 

  1. Loosen yourself up when seated:

There’s a good chance to sit hunched over when you’re stressed while giving your Olympiad. Your hands might also be clenched, and you may bob the legs up and down continuously. But keep in mind that being physically tense will not make you feel better during your Olympiad. Before exams, avoid heavy food and eat healthy meals. 

  1. Stay energized by planning:

A study plan is an important part of your academic success. But, it is sometimes very difficult to find the right time to engage in every subject which is needed to study. A way to make sure that success is proportional is to create a solid study schedule. Designing a proper study schedule, though, could be much harder than you think. Prioritizing the subjects’ one needs to study for a certain amount of time, but you also have to juggle other responsibilities such as family, friends, and entertainment. Finally, with a little consideration and work, one would have no problem planning a schedule and achieving all of your academic goals.

The study plan made by you should be extensive and it is a must for Olympiad preparation. It should be made keeping in mind the time left, syllabus, important topics, and previous year papers, etc. A proper timetable and study plan will help you to devote time to each topic and subject in a proficient manner.

  1. Focus Only on Yourself and Don’t Compare to Others:

While in examination hall students compare themselves to others, and thus their confidence depends on those around them, and so they lose their control of the mind. This is very stressful and increases the fear of failure, ultimately focusing on themselves and what they could control to increase their confidence. reminding themselves of what they could do will help them to feel more confident in their ability to perform.

  1. Smartly attempt the Questions: You need to understand that all the questions carry equal marks. Thus, spending too much time on one question may run you out of time in the end. So take your decisions smartly.
  1. Patiently Remind Yourself Of Your hard work:

How well you have prepared for a task is a source of your confidence. Like your notes, time spent and sacrifices you made this will surely boost up your confidence. When students remind themselves of the preparation work they have put in, they find an increase in the feelings of confidence and control in their build-up to the exam.

  1. Taking online tests: 

 These days studying online is the new normal. Every Class 10th Olympiad aspirant must attempt various tests to boost their examination speed. Taking online will help you to experience the real Olympiad platform and will also improve your speed for attempting the examination. There are many good mock test series, one of which is the IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 10 Paper which will help you fetch good practice.

  1. See your Exam as a Challenge, and not as a threat:

 If something is seen as a threat, it is has a greater chance to affect you. For example, every athlete who frames an event as a challenge, as opposed to a threat, increases his/her performance. Instead of thinking about the negative consequences of a failed test, they should reframe the exam as an opportunity to succeed. This increase in stress is caused by focusing on ‘what if it goes wrong’ will also disturb their sleep quality on the night before the Olympiad.

  1. Getting proper Sleep:

Your sleep duration and quality will have a significant impact on various factors linked with exam performance. Getting a good night’s sleep will help students by improving their concentration and recalling ability. If a student won’t sleep before their Olympiad, it can cause their mood to plummet, with more focus being placed on negative thoughts.


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