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It’s Time To Surprise Your Grandparents By Turning Creative With Their Wedding Photographs. Here’s How You Can Do It

Grandparents are partly a parent, then a teacher, and ultimately a close friend. The memories you share with them are ever-cherished, and probably the best of all. Often, it can be hard to surprise them in the manner that they appreciate.

Nevertheless, do you want to know how to put a smile on their face and show them the love they deserve? 

Collect all of their wedding photographs and transform them into something memorable. They will be overwhelmed with it and will treasure it forever. Given below are some of the many ways you can do it. 

Grandparents By Turning Creative With Their Wedding Photographs

Make a Photo Frame Collage 

Creating a photo frame collage is the easiest way to dazzle your grandparents in the shortest time. Collect as many photos as you can get and try to arrange it according to the dates they were taken. 

You can either buy the photo frame online or make one yourself. There’s plenty of DIY videos on YouTube for the same. Once you have successfully created a photo frame collage, wrap it in a beautiful gift packing and present it to them. 

Present A Digital Frame 

You can surprise your grandparents by collecting their wedding photographs, digitizing them, and presenting it as a digital frame. They can place this frame on their bedroom and see glimpses of their lives together, digitally. 

Make a Video With Picture Slideshow 

Being able to see their wedding events as a video might be one of your grandparents’ biggest desires. Even though you can’t make that wish entirely true, you can create something closer to it – a picture slideshow. 

You can create a video in no time using a free online slideshow maker with no watermark, which allows you to drag and drop images from your computer with ease. 

For including soothing background music, you can browse for royalty-free music online or on YouTube. Once you find the perfect music, you can use the mp3 YouTube converter by InVideo to download and use it.  

Digitize The Photographs 

Photographs fade or get spoiled with time – but digital images don’t. It is always recommended to convert any photos into digital ones. Doing so will make the images ever-lasting, and you can showcase this as part of your family’s legacy. 

You can scan the images to your computer using a scanner, which will help in digitizing the pictures in full quality. Or else, you can use a photo scanner app on your smartphone and make this process even faster. 

Decoupage A Photo Onto A Glass Bottle 

Decoupage is the art of decorating glass bottles or jars by gluing them with photo cutouts. This is one of the easiest ways you can creatively transform your grandparents’ photos into stunning showpieces. 

There are several DIY videos of the Decoupage on YouTube that you can watch and learn from. Or, you are just a Google search away from finding an artist for the same. 

Engraved Wooden Plaque With A Poem 

This is one of the coolest yet classy methods by which you can turn your grandparents’ wedding photos into something truly memorable. As the name suggests, engraved plaques contain 3-D printed pictures, or in some cases, artists may even carve photographs on to a wooden board. 

To make the engraved plaque look more heart-warming, you can compose a poem for your grandparents and engrave it. Several vendors deliver engraved plaque within a week or lesser time. All you need is to upload the pictures you plan to engrave to any vendor’s portal along with the poem, and you are good to go. 

Jigsaw Puzzle Out Of Wedding Photos 

You can surprise them with a fun-to-do activity. For this purpose, a jigsaw puzzle will be a fantastic choice. You can quickly order a customized one online, and upload the picture you want on it. Once the package arrives, make sure you unscramble them as much as you can. 

Don’t tell your grandparents what the puzzle is about. Try giving them only a limited amount of time and ask them to solve the puzzle. They will be amazed by the outcome. 

Make A Scrapbook 

Just like albums, scrapbooks are a great way to hold memories. You can choose a theme of your liking, in this case, a wedding theme, and compile pages having colors complementing the same. 

If you want to keep the original photos of your grandparents’ wedding intact, try taking a copy and then use it in the scrapbook. This will give you all the freedom to cut and customize. 

Further, you can write funny captions near each photograph and even narrate the wedding events from the beginning to the end, in your perspective. Your grandparents will be extremely happy with this gesture. 

Design A Photo Wall 

This is one of the easiest yet attractive DIY techniques you can follow to transform your grandparents’ wedding photos into an ever-cherishing artwork. To create a picture wall, you wouldn’t need much. You can start as low as just using tapes or even thumbtacks. 

Based on how much time you have, try organizing the photos as a timeline. You can also use fairy lights or branch-like structure to make it more attractive. Generally, the size of the photographs doesn’t matter. But to make the picture wall look organized, try using photos of the same dimensions. 

Once you are done with the wall, call your grandparents for a grand unveiling. Make it suspenseful and see how their faces light up with joy. 

Wrapping It Up 

Your grandparents will be dazzled if you get creative with their wedding photos. Turning photographs into photo collages or slideshows will be a great way to preserve them for longevity as well. 

You can even try teaching your grandparents how to use an online editor to make videos or photo collages. Who knows, maybe they will surprise you on your next birthday. 

Grandparents always do their best to make us feel special, and with small gestures like these, you can show them your gratitude and appreciation. Do proper research and come up with a gift idea that will make them elated.


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