Know how to play 21 card rummy and how it differs from 13 card rummy

Rummy is an ancient card game that has travelled to almost every part of the world. In every country where this game arrived, people have put their own ideas which is why Rummy has so many variants. Two popular versions of traditional Rummy games are 21 card rummy and 13 card rummy. Though both the versions of Rummy have similar ground rules there are some basic differences between the two. Further, with the internet boom, different online gaming platforms like GetMega have been developed that host a wide array of Rummy matches and tournaments. You can also win real money and other exciting prizes by winning these challenging Rummy matches. 

Here we are going to learn how to play 21 card rummy and how it differs from 13 card rummy. But, before that let’s find out what the 21 card rummy game is all about. 

21 card rummy 

As also mentioned in GetMega, originated from points Rummy, 21 card Rummy is said to be the most challenging version of the traditional Rummy game. It is quite a popular game in the Indian subcontinent and is played during the holidays of Dussehra and Diwali. This game uses 3 decks of standard cards including jokers. Each player is dealt 21 cards and each of them must form 3 pure sets or runs and meld the rest of the cards into proper runs and sequences. Besides Joker, this game also uses value cards. Similar to the function of Joker, these cards can also substitute any card. Further, these cards hold additional points. This version of the Rummy game requires more time, patience and skills. Thus, you must strategize your hand before starting playing the game. 

How to play 21 card rummy 

21 card Rummy is played by 2-6 players. The game uses 3 decks of 53 cards including the joker. As you can figure out from the name, each player is dealt 21 cards. The rules of 21 card Rummy are pretty much the same as the traditional Rummy game especially with discard and draw pile and picking and discarding cards. However, there are some other rules of upper and lower jokers, Dublee and Tunnela. Also, in this game, the cards should be melded with certain rules to become victorious in the round. 

To win a 21 card Rummy game, you must meld the cards in specific combinations like: 

  • 8 jokers in one group. The remaining cards are not required to be formed in sequences or sets. 
  • 8 dublees in separate groups. It is needless to arrange the remaining cards in sets or sequences. 
  • You must arrange 3 Tunnelas in separate groups, the rest of the cards are not necessary to be arranged in sets or sequence. 
  • In this game, you must arrange at least 3 pure sequences to win the round. 

21 card Rummy is said to be a very difficult version of Rummy. People who are seasoned Rummy players play this game to improve their skills. At the end of this game, the winner receives the total points lost by the opponents. On the other hand, the losing players receive negative points. You can practice rummy games on GetMega to get a better understanding of the game and gameplay.

Differences between 13 card rummy and 21 card rummy

According to GetMega, though both are variants of the traditional Rummy game, 13 card Rummy and 21 card Rummy have some basic differences, which are as follows: 

  • We know that 21 card rummy originated from Points Rummy whereas 13 card Rummy is similar to gin Rummy. 
  • The number of cards in 13 card Rummy is less compared to 21 card Rummy. The former game is played with 13 cards. However, the later game is played with 21 cards. 
  • In a 21 card Rummy the number of decks is 3. But, in a 13 card Rummy, the number of decks is 2. So, it can be said that the deck number is more in 21 card rummy compared to 13 card Rummy game. 
  • When we talk about the melding, it is much easier with a 13 card Rummy than a 21 card Rummy. In 13 card Rummy a player needs to form 2 sequences out of which 1 must be a pure set. On the other hand, in 21 card Rummy, you have to form more specific combinations. 
  • The 21 card Rummy game is more complicated than 13 card rummy. 21 card Rummy has unique concepts like the upper joker and lower joker which are not present in 13 card rummy. Also, for a seasoned Rummy player, the 21 card Rummy game offers a more stimulant version. 

21 card rummy is a very challenging variant of the traditional Rummy game. Players who have mastered the basics of regular Rummy can play this game. Though the ground rules of this game are similar to that of the 13 card Rummy game, it has some other features that are already mentioned before. Now that you know how to play the 21 Rummy game, consider playing the most complex Rummy contests on GetMega to earn real money.

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