MacBook Hacks: Top Tips on Organizing You Mac Files and Removing Clutter

Is your Mac working slower than average? Feel your Macbook heating up easily? These may happen if you lack organization and regular cleaning of files in your MacBook.

With no regular maintenance, your virtual life can become messy and complex. Records might get stored in different folders, and apps make some things that could slow down your Mac. In this guide, we’ll disclose how to run some Mac cleaning software to make your computer perform at its best again.

Here are a few MacBook hacks that you should know:

Sync Your Desktop and Documents

MacBooks typically use iCloud Drive, so your files are ready everywhere on all your Apple gadgets. iCloud Drive offers a method to sync your Mac desktop and file folders. This means you can hide some of your unnecessary files and documents in your online storage.

Empty Your Caches

Caches are data saved for a short time on your Drive to fast-track procedures. There are various kinds of cache, like system cache, browser cache, and user cache.

However, you can remove the cache if you know you don’t have enough space. You can use third-party apps like CleanMyMac X, Gemini 2, or Disk Doctor to help you get rid of caches and temporary files.

Tidy Up Your Desktop

Though tidying up your Mac manually may seem slow, you have some automatic choices. First, you have Apple’s integral Stack that lets you manage your data through your desktop. Use it to arrange the folders with Spotless and Unclutter.

Click and drag your data on the app and filter out the various types of files at once. You can likewise make automatic tasks to clean up your data and folders. This stays concealed and won’t litter your Drive, making your desktop always clean.

You can also use Unclutter to store your clipboard notes, so you don’t lose whatever you copy. Consider looking for duplicate files in your Mac to save more space. Check out here for tips on how to find duplicate files.

Clear the Download Folder

Even when you don’t download much, it can still get cluttered. Once you download an app and transfer it to Applications, it leaves installer files. Go to Finder > Downloads and remove the files.

Delete Old and Large Files

Deleting old and large files is necessary to free storage space on your Mac. Some files might be hiding at places you don’t usually check. You can consume hours tracking down files or apply CleanMyMac X to do the task for you in some clicks.

Make Use of These MacBook Hacks

Having your Mac working in optimal status is vital, and many of us might not have thought it demands a piece of work. Make your laptop work faster and better by clearing it up with the following MacBook hacks above.

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