OGWhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp Which one is Better?

WhatsApp, without any doubt, is the most used instant messenger app. It is a very well known app around the globe. WhatsApp has over a staggering five billion downloads on the Google play store and has more than five hundred million monthly users.

What are OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp?

OGWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are two world-famous mods for WhatsApp. With their impressive and easy to use features, people prefer using these WhatsApp mods then the original WhatsApp. These mods come with unique features that allow you to customize the appearance of WhatsApp, more privacy options, more security, fonts, themes, and different emojis.

Today in this article, I will be talking about which WhatsApp mod is better than the other. To find the answer to this question, we have to compare both mods.

I will compare both mods by discussing the features they provide to their users.

OGWhatsApp vs GBWhatsApp

Features of OGWhatsApp

OGWhatsApp is a fantastic mod for WhatsApp. It provides some amazing and easy to use features. Some of those features are mentioned below.

·        It comes with an anti-ban feature that keeps your account secure and safe from banning the original WhatsApp.

·        OGWhatsApp allows you to send 90 images at a time.

·        You can use two different numbers on a single WhatsApp.

·        It supports the schedule message. You can set a message that WhatsApp will send at the given time automatically.

·        It comes with some launch icons that you can set for changing them.

·        You can block specific contacts from calling you.

·        It allows you to set passwords on specific chats for privacy and security purposes. Now you can secure your important and private chats with a password.

·        Supports different languages that you can set and use as per convenience.

·        You can use different emojis and fonts in your chats and WhatsApp.

·        You can also apply different themes and customize your WhatsApp by your own choice, preference, and likings.

·        You are allowed to hide the double ticks and blue ticks that appear once the message is delivered and read by the person, respectively.

·        You can also hide the typing, recording audio, and online status if you want to.

Features of GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp Download also contains some unique and fantastic features. I am listing them down below, so have a complete look at them.

·        It supports the auto-reply feature by which your WhatsApp automatically replies to anyone.

·        You can hide your active status if you forget to hide it from someone.

·        Supports 255 characters for a status.

·        You can easily hide double ticks and double blue ticks that appear once the message is delivered and read by the person, respectively.

·        GBWhatsApp supports every kind of file. You can send any file, either it’s WinRAR, ZIP etc. now, you can send them through WhatsApp.

·        You can hide the last seen and online status.

·        You are also allowed to hide the typing and recording audio feature that appears on the top of the chat.

·        You can directly and easily download and copy the status of your choice.

·        Allows pinning of more than three chats.

·        Supports large media files like 50 MB of video files and 100 MB of huge audio files.

·        Allows you to send 90 images at a time.

·        You can upload 7 minutes long status.

·        Comes with launcher icons for you to change the icons and try something new and different.

·        Massive collection of GIFs and different styles of emojis for you to use.

Which are better, OGWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp?

Answering this question is very difficult. Both the mods available are amazing and comes with almost the same features. With the same purpose to provide a platform for people to chat, both contain the same features that perform the same functions.

If we talk about privacy, both mods provide significant features that provide you privacy. If we talk about tools, both mods come with features that allow you to customize the appearance of your WhatsApp.

Based on this, it is tough to decide which one is better.


When both the things available perform the same function and contain the same specifications, then it is hard to decide which one is better. The case here is the same. Both mods contain significantly unique features that give you the power to control the privacy and change the appearance of your chats.

You can either use OGWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp. After using it, you can easily decide which one you like the most based on your preferences and experiences.


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