Project Management with PRINCE2

A project is a temporary, project like effort to create a unique product or service.  A project has a start date and an end date and takes place over a specified period of time.  The end date is usually marked in some way or the other.  The work may be carried out under a contract or by the hire of a supplier. As with prince2 project managers are trained on courses.

Projects are normally temporary in nature and are the domain of the developed or centralized organization.  They provide invaluable knowledge and skills and are often high profile and have a high financial investment.  Projects are typically terminated prior to completion of the period of time allocated either to them or to the project.

A project is usually incorporated into existing wide range of work and general business functions so that the resultant result is utilized as required by the organisation.

There are exciting prospects in project management but as time passes project managers generally become more and more saturated.  However it is these people who should be spoken to as they are the subject matter experts in the area of project management.  Without them the building and running of the organisation would be Without them the football club would not be operating without a solid foundation upon which it has been built for the last five years.

Project management in the commercial world is highly descriptive with respect to outputs, with a promotion and/or a change of industry.  When considering or deciding to move into those new endeavors, the Project Manager will in all probability act as one of the most important people within that new venture.

Project managers face many issues:

Take time to introspect and analyse these areas before actually launching into the field to ensure that you are making an informed and adequate decision.

Project Management has a number of grim realities.  When the position is really managed correctly, but there are considerable downsides to a project, senior management will have to entrench its position and continue to Responsible parties will primary focus on the task at hand.  Senior management will act as if it doesn’t exist.

Project managers need commitment; but typically get less than it is wanted, with a significant proportion of project efforts to be spent in elective pursuits, what has been previously considered to be high profile assigned efforts; this unfortunately, is not always an expected outcome.  As such, Project managers must understand when and how to empower employees to be responsible for their own efforts and the successful completion of the project.

Project managers are the most highly compensated employees of the organization, particularly within the larger businesses with multinational corporate bodies.  Often the Project Manager is the pivotal figure with respect to the achievement of a successful end date.  The Project Manager will be the most important person in the organization.

Project management is successful only when its scope and duration properly fits the organization and the client relationships.

Projects are generally, temporary, project-like efforts undertaken by organisations to create a unique product or service

Projects can be ongoing, long lasting, persistent and/or interdependent

Projects can be business focused, operational focused and strategic

Projects are normally conducted in a corporate environment, for example ( pharmaceuticals, banking or finance), government or academic (law, engineering, universities)


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