Putting the Personal Back in PC: A Guide to PC Customization

Are you looking for a new challenge? Building your own PC is a super fun project and not nearly as hard as it seems. It’s more akin to building with LEGOs than engineer work.

One of the most amazing aspects of building your own system is the extensive amount of PC customization available. You can have your PC specialize in any number of tasks and pick the right parts for your needs.

Everything from the case that houses your PC to the software that it runs is fully customizable. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the world of PC building so you can get precisely what you need.

What Parts Do You Need To Start Building?

The first step in building a PC is to understand all the parts that you’ll need to start constructing your dream rig.

Sure, a PC is a complex machine, but there are actually only a few parts that you need to complete your build.

First and foremost you’ll need a Central Processing Unit, or CPU. This part acts as the brain of the PC. This piece sockets directly into the next piece you will need called the motherboard.

If the CPU is the brain, then the motherboard is the central nervous system. Every other part is connected to the motherboard to communicate with each other.

If you’re building a gaming PC, then you will need a powerful graphics card or GPU. Unfortunately, the GPU market is quite rough at the moment thanks to scalpers and crypto miners.

Next up are two different parts that are quite similar. First we have the storage which refers to the drives that store your files. Next, there is the RAM or random access memory. RAM slots right into the motherboard and stores data temporarily.

Finally, we have the power supply unit or PSU. This is the box that powers the rest of your PC. Along with the case, that completes every PC’s basic parts list.

Software Used For PC Customization

In addition to the hardware needed to build and customize your PC. There is a huge amount of software and programs you can install to set your build apart as well.

First up are PC operating systems. Obviously the most preferred is Windows 10 at the time of this article, but more tech-savvy people may opt for others like Linux.

If you build a computer specifically for gaming, chances are you will want to experiment with game mods. There is a ton of software available for modding games and you can even install and download mods on an android phone. Check out the full article on this.

Build Your Way Into a New Hobby

Whether you’re building a tricked-out gaming rig or a new home office, PC building is a fun and productive hobby. Even after you’re finished, you may be dreaming about building another just for fun!

Looking for some more tips for PC customization? Take a look through our Tech section for all things PC!


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