Raids in WoW and their importance

Raids are large-scale events in WoW. Someone is already used to them and farms everything they need with enviable regularity, others rejoice in every raid like a holiday, and someone will only conquer them for the first time. All of these people share a love of adventure and reward. Raid can provide a full range of entertainment:

Easy passage of low-difficulty raids;

High-level raids for avid players;

Many bosses;

Expansion of the lore of heroes;

Many unique awards and items;

Getting achievements and titles for defeating bosses;

Unique quests that will allow you to get mounts and pets for the player.

And this is only a part of the content, not to mention the well-coordinated work of teammates, new options for passing and developing strategies.

Raids are an integral part of the gameplay. They take place according to the schedule, which displays the calendar of events in the game. Thus, players have time to prepare and collect the necessary equipment. If you know about it ahead of time, you can carve out a few hours for the raid without skipping work or school.

The differences between raids don’t end on the release dates and expansions

Difficulty also plays an important role. The ease of passage depends on the level of difficulty. The low-difficulty WoW Raid contains no special complications or secrets. It is enough to have a good stack of players and stick to the plan. But with an increase in the level of difficulty, raids change, or rather enemies and bosses. In addition to the classic increase in health and damage values, opponents acquire new abilities, reduced cooldowns, new combinations and phases. The ultimate difficulty in WoW raiding are Mythic raids. Mythic raids are a separate kind of pleasure for players. They are not available to everyone, but only for players who reliably beat the raid on Heroic difficulty.

But the rewards are well worth it: bosses on Mythic difficulty drop unique items wanted by every player.

Beating and boosting raids on any difficulty

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