Scoping Out the Competition: 5 Surgical Robotics Companies You Need to Know

There are two sides to the surgical robotics story — some people are adamant supporters of it and think it’s the next big thing in the medical field. Others are not so exuberant, worried that a robot will not be as sensitive as a surgeon’s hands which have performed hundreds of delicate operations.

Whichever court you stand in, you can’t run away from the truth that surgical robotics companies are hot stuff right now, and as innovative as they come.

Read on to see which are the five top surgical robotics companies to keep in mind as your highest competition.

1. Intuitive Surgical

Anyone who is anyone in the surgical robotics field knows of Intuitive Surgical. They are the dominant player in this arena, having been around since the early 2000s. Their main innovation is the da Vinci SP robot.

2. Medtronic

Intuitive Surgical’s main competitor, Medtronic is building a Hugo system to compete with the da Vinci robots. They are also in the orthopedic space, as they work on enhancing the Mazor X spinal robotic system.

3. Johnson & Johnson

The major pharmaceutical companies would inevitably join in the fray, as surgical robotics companies become the hottest thing since sliced bread. The Ottava surgical robotic system is the result of this push.

4. Stryker

If you want anything to do with robot-assisted ortho surgery, the biggest player in this field is Stryker. They passed the mark in 2020 with 1000 Mako installations! They are clearly ahead of everyone and they know it.

5. Siemens Healthineers

They are the pioneers in telerobotic surgery and spent $1.1 billion in 2019 to acquire Corindus Vascular Robotics and their robot-assisted device. This device has been cleared for coronary and vascular surgery by the FDA.

Need More Medical Market Research?

If you are looking to compete with companies building surgical robots, there is a lot of strong and deep-rooted competition that you would have to contend with.

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Surgical Robotics Companies Are Growing Larger Than Ever

As AI and its uses diversify and invade every sphere of human life, surgical robotics companies are going to be spending billions of dollars to bring their robots to every hospital, clinic, and medical center in the world.

You need to be part of this rapid growth and technology of the future. Don’t delay, the future is now!

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