Secure Your Society with Apartment Adda

Every residential complex has an administrative body, which is similar to a small or medium range enterprise. This body is responsible for managing funds, undertaking maintenance and value addition projects for the apartment, and handling related legal aspects. These processes are intensive and distributed, with various inefficiencies and hidden costs. It is this nature of these processes that creates the need for a central system with an Omni access.

Designed by 3Five8 Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Apartment ADDA is a one stop portal for the security needs of your society or residential complex.  It is one of the best apartment and housing management software. A powerful security management system, it ensures that only authorized persons or vehicles can enter the premises of the apartment.

As is required of most software, this software too is available on your smartphone. From any location, you can use this software to perform various operations such as paying water or electricity bills, resolving issues, book amenities and many more.

In case you are the member of an apartment under construction, the software allows you to study the new society plan and optimize your needs such as the creation of parks, swimming pools, playgrounds etc. Then again, the software allows you to stay up to date with the community.

What are the Specifications and Features of Apartment ADDA?

Here are the specifications of the software:

Organization type: SMEs, Mid-market, Enterprise, Start-ups and agencies

Supported platforms: iOS, Windows, Android

Device: Desktop, Mobile

Deployment: Web based

Suitable for: Real estate

Business specific: All businesses

Language: English

Apartment ADDA offers a comprehensive range of features to its users. It is available in four different plans viz. Starter, Essential, Standard and Advanced. The prices of this security management software vary, based as they are on various factors such as size of society, location etc. You can select the plan as per your needs.

Here are the unique features offered by the software

  • Accounting
  • Contact manager
  • Asset and property manager
  • Classifieds
  • Content publisher
  • Discussion forum
  • Document management
  • Email management
  • SMS marketing
  • Event calendar
  • Expense tracking
  • Facility booking system
  • Gatekeeper
  • Groups
  • Helpdesk
  • Income tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Invoice
  • Maintenance staff management
  • Meeting management
  • Members details
  • Mobile support
  • Notice board
  • Parking lot management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Penalty calculation
  • Polling booth/ballot
  • Reminders
  • Society photo gallery
  • Staff attendance tracker and
  • Visitor tracking

You can view a long list of features offered by the software. Now, we shall discuss some its important features:

  1. As a property manager, you can easily maintain all accounting details of the society or residential complex. You can also solve issues that are raised by home owners and tenants.
  2. Residents can communicate with the contact manager or property manager with the software’s one on one chat feature with ease. This security solution can effortlessly solve all your problems in a single go.
  3. Next, with this software, you can manage all important documents such as land acquisition papers, tenant verification documents, and all contacts viz. incoming,  outgoing and the emergency ones. You can use many apps, which can help you in renting your home and property, you can always check for Tenant background check before renting it to anyone.
  4. You can also manage and track expenses for the solution of the issues raised. For example – expenditure on fixing leakage after receiving complaint from tenants.
  5. With the software’s group chat feature, people with common interest in the community can share their views and opinions. They can also form and operate their own special group.
  6. You can also analyse your property and check out the infrastructure – deficient as well as surplus. This unique feature can be effectively used by community planners and designers who want to work on complex society design projects.
  7. You can also analyse and assess your available assets. Through such evaluation, you can gain insights on how to utilize them. Next, you can study the operation of your current amenities and plan accordingly.
  8. The software provides a forum to community members to raise queries. The property manager or administrative body will work on their resolution.     

Security Management Features

Following are the benefits of using the security management system of the software:

  • The software ushers in professionalism and transparency in the processes of association.
  • It brings continuity and stability of the administration department.
  • Administrative body does not have to bother about any hosting infrastructure; all you need is a personal computer with an internet connection.
  • You can set up an ADDA network by connecting with other associations.
  • You can access the visitors record online.
  • Such record can be use to analyse any incident.
  • The total time taken by the security will ultimately go down with features such as Expected and Frequent Visitors entry.
  • Friends and relatives of the residents will not have to wait much at the security.
  • Residents can also access their personal visitor log from anywhere and anytime.

Why Apartment AADA for security management?

The software centralises various society functions and responsibilities. It offers a wide range and right mix of applications that makes it a one stop solution for all the society related functions or issues. When it comes to security management of society, this software is the leading choice of the administrative staff of the society due to following reasons:

1) It is easy to use.

2) It offers an enterprise level support.

3) It allows you to manage the records.


All said and done, the software can completely optimize the security and other administrative processes of a residential complex. With a wide range of features and benefits for both administrative staff and residents, it can handle all the processes with ease. It can also handle more than 1000 employees in an administrative staff. Residential buildings such as apartment, villa or complex get their own portal with custom made applications. It is the best in class management tool with 100% compliant accounting software and online payment gateway integration. Most importantly, the system is easy to use – a very important feature for it avoids hassles associated with learning a new software.


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