Six Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers many kinds of weapons and gears, which adds to exciting gameplay and a cool collection in the players’ collections. Hand Cannons are one of the types of weapons that the game offers. This looks like a futuristic and modernized version of a revolver if we compare.

Not just the looks but the functionality also inspires players to own these hand cannons. Every kind of cannon offers different functionality, features, pros, and cons. Hence it is going to be useful to know these canons more closely so you can decide which one works best for you.

Let’s get started.

Top 6 Hand Cannons in Destiny 2

1. Dire Promise

The cannon always attracts fans for its real-world look. This weapon looks similar to a real-world revolver, and that is the reason a player wants to own this cannon. There are no modernized elements in this one, so this works best for those who love the rustic design of a revolver.

If we talk about stats, then its aim calculation is 87 and covers a pretty long range. This one is fantastic to own when you play PvP combat.

2. Posterity

Posterity makes the next one on the list, which offers a long-range, however without giving any less effectiveness. You can have 38 bullets at once, and it gets you a 33% damage boost that goes on for 10 seconds.

Opt for the silicon neuroma carry that many in-game service providers offer. Here they play on your behalf and present you this neuroma plus the loot guaranteed. Those who do not have reached the needed level can buy the leveling services and then have access to this silicon neuroma.

3. Eriana’s Vow

For someone who wants to own a gun because of its massive damage quality, then Eriana’s vow is a must-have. The gun is solely for the damage it makes with every shot at the enemy. Even Champion barriers are not an exception when you have this gun.

The one who owns this gun would be victorious in PvP, PvE; no bosses are difficult to terminate with this cannon. Plus, it fulfills the wishes of those who want an aesthetically cool gun.

4. Malfeasance

Malfeasance is the one that would need you to grind for hours, but it is totally worth it. This is the one also called “Explosive Shadow.” That is because when shot, its bits enter the body of the enemy and become explosive like a bomb inside.

This means that when you shoot your enemy with Malfeasance, you can expect their body to explode just within seconds. This one definitely bestows you with a high damage amount; however, this cannon might take you practice before you get used to it since its functionality is a bit different than the rest.

5. Thorn

Thorn comes especially useful for PvE combats when you have to deal with the Guardians. The weapon does small DoT damage, but this is an ultimate solution for Guardians when you have the  Soul Devourer along.

6. Ace of Spades

This one is a must-have if you want to see your enemies getting exploded one by one and clearing the field. The gun is available to buy when you are ready for “Monument to Lost Lights.” The “Firefly” perk is the one that explodes the enemies in bits and pieces.

It also has an interesting legend related to Cayde-6. It is said that he wanted the gun to be owned by the one who killed him. However, the gun is available on sale, and players can buy it whenever they are ready.

There are many more cannons in Destiny 2; however, these are some of the best ones that you can try. Lastly, it depends on your preference which one you like more.


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