Small Business Signs: This Is How to Design the Perfect One

Small business signs can be a gamechanger for increasing foot traffic.

A sign can draw revenue and sales by being engaging, interesting, or even recognizable. People actually make judgments on the quality of a business from non-product or service-related factors like display and signage. This is why signage is not to be overlooked.

However, designing a sign can be overwhelming because there are a million things to consider and so many options. 

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know when creating small business signs. Continue reading to learn our small business tips and types of signs to consider!


Before deciding on a certain look, think about your sign’s purpose. People driving or walking by will only have a few seconds to engage with your sign before deciding if they want to stop by your shop. Your message needs to be concise and recognizable from a block away.

The next thing to consider is especially important for those who don’t know your business. Your design needs to be visually appealing. Pick contrasting, attention-grabbing colors that are in line with your brand. 

Size and font are especially important. You need to think about the legibility of your sign. If it’s not clearly legible, what’s the point?

Along with size comes the scale. What is your sign’s size relative to your storefront? The placement of the sign also matters.

When it comes to placement, think about the direction of traffic, who your customer is, and where it will have the most visibility and make sense to place. 

A sign is meant to be beautiful, but it is more than decoration. Think about it as a permanent advertisement.


Your budget won’t affect the design much, but it absolutely will play a role in the materials, installation, and overall type of signage you choose. Some signs can be as low as $50, while others can cost up to ten grand. 

Generally, the more you spend and the more expensive the materials, the longer your sign will stay up. You can reduce costs by purchasing signs in bulk if you have many storefronts. 

Whatever your sign, make sure you double-check signage rules with local authorities before purchase.

Types of Signage

A sign will reflect the personality and quality of your store. When choosing a sign style, consider your branding, sign durability, space, and budget. In order of average cost, we’ll share some sign types below:

  • Fabric
  • Plywood
  • Screen printed window
  • Laser-cut storefront
  • Punched metal
  • Metal lettering
  • Awning
  • Rock embossed sign
  • Tube light
  • Digital
  • Roadway pole

These are just some of the most common business signs in order from least to most expensive. You can explore some of these signs on

Picking the Right Small Business Signs

With so many options to choose from, the best step is to work with a professional to design small business signs. That way, you can see a digital scaled version of your sign before committing to one that can’t be changed.

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