SQUAD: Tips on How to get better – Beginners Guide

Squad is a multiplayer game that has very realistic gaming features. It is one of the best games for gamers who like military-based fights and missions. The game starts in vast environments fit for up to 800 players. You can check out https://battlelog.co/squad-cheats-hacks/ to get the best hacks and ace the game.

Although Squad has been in the gaming industry for a long time, there are loads of people who are still new to it and don’t know how the game works. Are you someone who has just downloaded Squad and wish to get better at it instantly? If so, below are some tips on how to get better at Squad for players new to the game.

Tips on how to get better

Understanding the gameplay

If you are new to this game, then one of the essential things you need to know is how Squad works. To start, two teams fight against each other in Squad. Each unit is divided into smaller squads that need to finish some tasks by themselves. 

Therefore, it is better if you evenly distribute the tasks to get them done faster. Each Squad’s main goal is to capture their opponent’s areas or points to make them lose their tickets.

Assign leaders

For a player to defeat their enemy, some players must lead the others and take charge. Such players would be known as squad leaders who make the strategies and guide other players to victory. 

If you’re tired of following others lead and wish to take charge, read further. A squad leader also has to manage his/ her teammates and take proper care of them. However, the members need to listen and follow the orders given by their leader.

Keep an eye on your surroundings and inform the leader

Every teammate must inform their leader of any situation that occurs. From small things like vehicles approaching you to larger ones such as enemies sneaking in, every teammate needs to keep an eye out for their surroundings. 

Take charge when you are ready

It is advised that a player should only opt to be a team leader after they have at least played for 100 hours. Some servers even kick a person who takes the lead without having enough experience.

To summarize this, an important tip gained from learning gameplay is that as a newcomer, try taking up roles such as the Medic since it is easier. Every team also needs more than one Medic so that you will obtain that role without any problems.

Make sure you communicate

If you don’t communicate with players, you will be at a disadvantage. It is advised to play with headphones so you can communicate with others. The team leader may kick you out if they notice that you aren’t playing with headphones or communicating. 

As a squad, you are supposed to play together like a team instead of individually trying to do everything. Each Squad consists of 9 players. As mentioned before, one of these 9 players becomes the squad leader, and the others need to listen and follow their orders.

Check Squad’s maps

Like various other FPS, as a newcomer, it is advised to learn the maps of the game. Learning maps of games such as Squad serves as a massive advantage at winning quite easily. Squad maps are enormous, not smaller than Battlefield maps, but not bigger than Arma maps either. 

The game has various maps with different versions, so you will need to constantly play Squad to get familiar with the maps and other areas.

It will be of great help if you learn how to call out your enemies’ locations. For you to do so, you need to open your map. Once you do so, you will notice 9 grids that are similar to a keypad. Try learning that, and when you complete learning them, you will quickly pinpoint your enemies’ locations.


Despite being a bit difficult, Squad is a delightful game to play. Once you familiarize yourself with the gameplay and how everything works, you will win games and become a squad leader. You need to make sure you communicate with other players and try helping them whenever required. 


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