The Best Business Ideas for People Who Love People

Starting to work for yourself can be a lonely business. But if you’re an extrovert who feeds off the energy of others, solo working can put a real drain on your creativity and drive. 

The good news is, there are many ways to start a business that don’t involve saying goodbye to all social contact. After all, the best business ideas usually spring from what we know and love. This means that the people-oriented among you are sure to love getting the chance to build new working relationships as part of a new and unique business plan. 

Keep reading to learn some of the best business ideas for people who love to work with people!

Event Planner

If you have a keen eye for detail and experience in planning events, it’s time to put your organizational skills to use as an event planner. Modern tools like this party planning app can make setting up casual gatherings and parties a whole lot easier. But large-scale events like weddings, conferences, and galas need an expert like you in control. 

Personal Trainer

If you’re no stranger to the gym and know a thing or two about nutrition and sports science, it could be time for you to start a business as a personal trainer. In this field, you’ll get the chance to work with people as you motivate and inspire them to reach their goals. You’ll likely start by giving one-to-one sessions at the local gym. But, cultivate a large enough following on social media, and you could be launching your own fitness app or running community boot camps before long!


If you’re a people-oriented creative with the ability to tell a visual story, you might consider starting a photography business. To build up a body of work, make use of your many social contacts and offer free or discounted photo shoots for family and friends. Then, once you have enough images for an online portfolio, consider focusing on a unique business selling point such as candid family shots or high-quality film images

Life Coach

If you have experience in areas such as social work, counseling, or mentoring, why not start a business as a life coach? In this role, you’ll get the chance to work with people looking for help through difficult or transitional periods of their life. Using your training to guide them through themes such as career changes and personal issues, your hands-on approach will be exactly what they need to succeed. 

Property Manager

If you live in an area with a lot of rental properties or vacation homes, offering your services as a property manager could be a great way to make use of your flawless social skills. As well as liaising with renters and property owners, you may need to manage cleaning staff and make arrangements with contractors for small fixes.

The Best Business Ideas for Extroverts 

If you’re an extrovert, the best business ideas often involve finding ways to work with people. Because, along with your passion, drive, and commitment, a chance to use your interpersonal skills is often the secret ingredient you and your business need to succeed. 

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