The Major Benefits of Using Managed IT Services

This 2021, global information technology (IT) is set to reach a value of $5 trillion. The United States’ market share accounts for nearly a third ($1.6 trillion) of this projection.

All those stats prove how IT has become the core and the lifeline of modern communication. Without IT, there would be no Internet, websites, or mobile telecommunication. However, the same can happen if your business IT system fails or becomes corrupted.

Managed IT services can help keep such issues at bay while it also boosts productivity. We rounded up some of the top benefits of such services below, so be sure to read on.

Prevent Costly IT Breakdowns

In IT, the term break/fix or break ‘n fix refers to services that deal only with repairing existing IT woes. These are services-for-fees that you call on whenever your IT equipment breaks down. They’re cheap, yes, but they’re not effective in protecting your IT system from downtime.

Now, keep in mind that just an hour of downtime is an hour of lost productivity and profits. In companies with over 1,000 employees, that translates to a cost of over $100,000. Your organization may not be as big, but all that wasted time still means revenues down the drain.

Managed IT service providers specialize in preventive maintenance and break/fix services. They carry out ongoing checks to keep IT systems from breaking down in the first place. In doing so, they help reduce your business’ risks of experiencing costly downtime.

Protection Against Cybercrime

Cybercrime damages may reach or even exceed $6 trillion this 2021. Ransomware, which hijacks digital data, accounts for about $20 billion of that estimate. Other cyber-crimes include data breaches, selling hacked data, fraud, and identity theft.

Managed IT services include cyber protection of companies of all sizes and forms. Their anti-crime efforts range from small business data security to enhanced healthcare cybersecurity. These specialists provide 24/7 remote monitoring using the latest cybersecurity platforms.

Safeguard Your Data

If you hire a managed IT service company, you can expect them to provide data backup and recovery. These are critical solutions to safeguarding your digital data assets from potential loss. Aside from cybercrime, data loss can also happen due to disasters like floods and fire.

With managed IT services, you can rest easy knowing that you always have backups of your data. The IT team creates these backups off-site, so if a disaster hits your office, you still have copies you can count on. The managed IT experts will then recover your data from their end so that you can run your business as usual.

Enhance Productivity

Part of the tasks of managed IT service providers is to roll out system updates as soon as they’re available. These include updates to the operating system and software your business uses. Such updates allow your IT systems to run without bugs, glitches, and lags.

Since your systems and software can run smoothly, your team can stay productive. The more productive you guys are, the more work you can finish, and the higher your bottom line can get.

Invest In Managed IT Services Today

Managed IT services are now even more crucial, seeing as more businesses are going online. As such, the last thing you want is for your IT systems to break down, as this can really hurt your profits. So, as early as now, consider hiring a managed IT firm to help your business flourish and stay connected.

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