The Types of Websites for Small Businesses: A Simple Guide

With over 1.5 billion websites in existence, your customers expect you to have a website. Even if you only run a small business, it’s essential these days to have a strong web presence. 

There are many different types of websites you can use for your small business. Choosing the right website model will ensure the best user experience for all of the customers looking for your company online. 

But if you’re just venturing into the digital realm for the first time, do you know what type of website you need for your small business?

In this brief guide, we’ll talk you through the different kinds of websites available and talk about some of the web design trends that could really make an impact on your business’ success. 

eCommerce Sites

If you have products that you’d like to sell, you’ll need an eCommerce site. eCommerce sites need to give you the ability to list your products. From here, your customer will need to be able to add them to a basket or cart and then provide shipping details and payment details. 

The ability to track stock levels and process payments really set eCommerce sites aside from other websites. 

You can convert a conventional site to an eCommerce site using plugins such as WooCommerce. 

Hiring a designer will ensure you have all of the functionality that you need to be able to trade securely and safely using your eCommerce platform. 

The Branding Website

If you want to raise awareness of your brand or a certain product that you’re selling, the branding website will do that for you. 

Using high-quality imagery and a brief outline of the business, product, or service you’re offering, you can create some hype. 

Often, branding websites will standalone but will link back to an eCommerce site where customers can purchase an item or book a service. 

The Publishing Website

If you’ve got something to say, use a publishing website. Publishing sites are often referred to as blog sites or news sites. 

Many business websites will incorporate a news or blog section which can be updated on a routine basis. 

If you want to run a blog, you can earn revenue through the placement of adverts in your banners and on your sidebar. 

The Lead Generation Website

If you need to bring new blood into your sales funnel, one way you can achieve this is through a lead generation website. 

A lead generation website will have enough information to entice users in. Once their interest is piqued, they can give in an online form and a member of your sales team can get back to them. 

Finding the Right Types of Websites for Your Small Business

Once you’ve decided on the types of websites you’d like for your business, you can set to work on designing a website. 

There are lots of developers out there that will help you build small business websites to suit your every need.

Looking for web design tips to improve your site, check out the tech section of our site.


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