Tips to Keep Your Home Appliances Clean

There are different kinds of appliances in any household out of which some are home appliances and some are kitchen appliances. You can rent appliances online from any rental store and going online for this would be a great choice as you will have options to choose from. It is very important to keep all your home appliances clean to ensure that they function smoothly and you need not replace or repair them too soon. 

Mentioned below are some common appliances and the tips that can be used to clean them: 

  • Microwave 

You need not waste the elbow grease on the crusted surface in your microwave, just allow them to steam clean themselves. You can cut one lemon in two halves and use one half in the cleaning process. Take a microwave-safe bowl and add the lemon piece with a little bit of water. Let the lemon and water get nuked for three minutes or more until you find the liquid is boiling. The steam formed will then help in breaking down the gunk, making it easier for wiping. 

  • Blender 

We all dislike the idea of scrubbing every inch of the blender. You might get surprised to know that your blender is capable of cleaning itself. Fill hot water in the pitcher when you are done with its usage, use a few drops of soap, and let the blender work. Then you just need to rinse out the soap and it will be ready for the next usage. You just need to make sure that you have detached all the parts for better cleaning. 

  • Garbage disposal

When you find that your garbage disposal is stinking you must know that it needs a deep cleaning. You can get rid of the grim in grinding machines if you pour a bit of baking soda, white vinegar, two cups of ice, and a cup of salt. With running cold water switch on the garbage disposal until the ice cubes are no more left. For a freshening odour, you can use a part of lemon and grind the pieces one by one in the garbage disposal. 

  • Stove burners

A gas burner needs to get unclogged at first and you can use a pin or an unfolded paper clip for that purpose. All the detachable parts have to be taken out and soaked in hot, soap-based water. Then they are supposed to be scrubbed and rinsed thoroughly. The cooktop then has to be wiped with a damp and not complete wet cloth to avoid the water from seeping into the cooktop. You should never submerge electric burners in water, so it can be tough to soften the burnt spills, particularly when the dish soap is not strong enough. Then, prepare a combination of water and soda until it has the consistency of a paste and uses it for scrubbing the mess out. 

These are some of the most common appliances that can be seen in any household and the tips to clean them have also been mentioned. These tips can be tried reliably to clean your appliances and you will find visible results. No matter if you rent appliances or rent furniture online, you have to take care of those like your own.


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