Top 5 Apps For Android 2021

Top 5 best android apps of June 2021. This time we’re going to be taking a look at five amazing apps.Five incredible android applications that you must try on your android device.

Top 5 Apps For Android: No 1


The first application on the list is muzei and while this is in no way a new android application. It is definitely an app worth revisiting. Now for those of you that haven’t heard of muzei. This is an application that lets you set a live wallpaper of any image on your phone with just a little bit of blur. This helps make your widgets and icons pop a bit more and whenever you want to view the actual wallpaper in all its glory. All you have to do is a simple double-tap on your home screen which brings your wallpaper back to focus. Within the app settings by default, the app selects famous artworks as well as paintings as wallpaper options. But of course, you can import any picture of your liking from your gallery and set that instead. There are also various options that let you change the intensity of the blur as well as the brightness of the wallpaper. When you set a live wallpaper using mosaic and honestly it’s just a great application for customization.

Top 5 Apps For Android: No 2


Top 5 Apps For Android next up we have clip drop. This is a fascinating application that lets you clip png’s of real-life objects from your phone’s camera. drop them into your computer screen for editing product photos. Or save the image with a transparent background for editing later. The app is really polished and with good lighting. With your phone’s camera, you can get a really good-looking clip and then either save it on your phone. You can also edit it later by adding a different background or you can use the clip drop app on your mac as well. As pc to import the photo directly and snap it to your computer screen for editing it there. it’s really cool it’s completely free definitely check it out.

Top 5 Apps For Android: No 3


Top 5 Apps For Android The next app is called stoic. As the name suggests this is an application that is aimed at helping your mental health as well as training your mind with some of the best teachings of stoicism philosophy. Now the app has brilliant categories and exercises to help you reduce stress as well as plan your day ahead and a quart section to keep you motivated and at your best. All of this with the beautiful UI makes this application a must-try so be sure to check it out.

Top 5 Apps For Android: No 4

Hands-free music

In the Top 5 Apps For Android next is Hands-free music is an application. That lets you stream music from youtube for free with a simple voice or text command. The app lets you play music in a minimized way. So even if you do not own youtube premium you can continue playing your music while you use other applications on your phone. The app also has autoplay features. That will continue to play one song after the other without any input from your site. It has no ads does what it claims to do perfectly and is a great application to try.

Top 5 Apps For Android: No 5

Modern App Ltd App

Top 5 Apps For Android next up is life Modern App Ltd App. This is an application that makes shooting and editing stop motion sequences on your phone super simple. The application lets you shoot stop motion or use existing photos from your gallery to create this looping video out of it. there are tutorial sections that explain everything perfectly to even a novice and the app itself has no ads. if you wanted to give stop-motion a shot and only had a phone to try it out, definitely use this it will make that process a lot easier.


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