Top Features To Look For When Choosing A Headless CMS: Headless Guide

More and more businesses want to go headless, with headless marketing continuing to introduce a flood of products. Each of these offerings has its exceptional selling propositions. With so many alternatives out there and the headless market being young, businesses face a major selection problem. To assist you with your busing decision, we have developed this headless guide to underscore the features that a good headless CMS, such as Kontent headless CMS, must have. 

Choosing A Headless CMS

So, what are the top features that a headless CMS must have?

The following are the must-have capabilities for a headless CMS.

  1. Great marketer experience

First, your chosen headless CMS, such as, should allow business marketers to go on with building and publishing attractive digital experiences. The CMS must possess a user-friendly interface that allows marketers to easily establish microsites, landing pages, and campaigns without requiring IT support. It has to provide business users with the capacity to regulate marketing communication in terms of design, content, layout, and preview of how the message will look to the visitors.

  1. Flexible integrations

Both marketers and developers value simple integration because it enables them to utilize the CMS in combination with other enterprise systems. Linking their favored CRM, PIM, DAM, and marketing automation systems is important for marketers. From the standpoint of a developer, it’s the freedom to create front-ends as well as single-page applications using any front-end framework of their choosing, such as React, Angular, or Vue.

  1. Multi-site and multi-tenancy

Your content, template, and media assets should all be accessible from a single place in the ideal headless CMS, such as It ought to support a variety of brands, features, channels, and touchpoints. Additionally, it ought to enable you to develop a uniform message throughout the board while still allowing you to cater to the demands of each brand and regional market.

Multi-tenancy is the element that makes this possible. It is the capacity to manage multiple websites, either independently or in conjunction with one another, to share resources and content. In today’s distributed teams and environments, multi-tenancy and the capacity to share content assets while also having the ability to customize access on a per-tenant basis are essential.

  1. Personalization and individualized content

You must use both implicit and explicit personalization in order to deliver highly customized content. In contrast to implicit personalization, which is based on tracking the past behavior of the customer, explicit personalization is determined by customer preferences that are recorded on forms or surveys. Your headless CMS would be able to provide highly customized experiences by combining the two. 

  1. Immediately visible experiences

Marketers require the capability to preview the envisioned personalized content in order to become familiar with the end-user experience prior to it going live because the content is delivered to so many different devices. Additionally, as new devices are released, you ought to be able to add new previews.

  1. Analytics & performance dashboards

You can keep track of content performance as well as make the necessary adjustments with the aid of a headless CMS that integrates with applications like Google Analytics. Tools for analytics help with content optimization for SEO, web accessibility, data privacy, and, most importantly, GDPR requirements.

By integrating cross-channel metrics and insights directly into the authoring User Interface, tightly coupled with content, is advancing data-driven content marketing and quickening optimization cycles.

  1. Security

Your content and your headless CMS are both protected by having flexible group and role-based security policies to assign particular actions for particular users.

Why should you choose

We hope that this headless content management guide is useful! The latest technologies, such as headless CMS, are definitely changing how we conduct business, and we must use them to our advantage.

Look no further than if you’re still having trouble locating a headless CMS with all of these essential features. makes the most of headless content management for your company with many more features than solely headless systems. 


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